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Part 15: Shauna

Chapter 9- Shauna



For once I think things might actually turn out well. How do you figure? Well, we've got a good plan and the means to execute it. I still don't really know what your plan is since you won't explain it to me, but I guarantee you those morons will screw it up. Shut up. Anyway, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. We rushed back to Astec to try and stop Shauna.


Unbelievable. These guys are weaker than a crippled old man.
I was hoping for a decent fight at least. I think I might just fall asleep.
There she is!
Huh?! The guards have been destroyed already? No way!
Good god, they're worthless.
Security was lax once we left. It seems they didn't get ample replacements in time.
Oh, hey there! Funny meeting you here.
But you know, things are pretty dangerous around here. Maybe you should go before you get hurt. Hmhm...

I think the people living there could really use a break from the monotony.
Hell, maybe the city's already gone.
Ya know... destroying things isn't very nice.
Hah! If it's broken, just build another one. What could be easier?
Besides, everyone loves a little spring cleaning every now and then.
That's horrible! I can't let you do that!
Sis...! Where's my sister?!

Hmhm. Well, you got it!
Everyone, stop what you're doing!
It's time to sweep these tiny specks of dust out the door!

Shauna had a huge army of bandits to throw at us, and she was no weakling herself. We were able to hit her hard and fast, though, and quickly defeated her forces.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This map can be a real bastard, because Shauna is a Gypsy class story character. Gypsies are the one class that the Hero has a terrible type match with. This combined with the power of Shauna's attack skill and the two hero level Pyremages she has in her unit (Larouche and Nash) make her seriously dangerous. It's best to only approach her if you've got a Demon Blast all ready for her, and to use lots of décor to make up for the type match difference. If you've got it in your shop, the décor Truth Nirvana can really help. It sets all your type matches at -, negating the double skull match with Shauna.

Very well...
Everyone, it's time to withdraw!
You guys aren't half bad. I see now why Endorph had his eye on you.
But we must part ways for now. Hmph!
Let's go!
Oh, by the way. Some Sepp girl fainted under the tree over there.
Maybe you wanna check and see if she's okay.

Hey, she's knocked out cold!
Dammit! She better be okay!

We rushed over in the direction Shauna had indicated, but it turned out we weren't really needed.

I'm Euphoria. May I ask your name...?
Get away from my sister!
Welp, looks like your insane little brother's here.
Guess I'll be going, then.
Thank you, Mr. Endorph...

Levin, stop.
Don't talk like that. He saved my life!
He's a wonderful man.
Anyway, why are you here?
Whaddya mean why am I here?
I was worried about you!
Oh dear, don't tell me you abandoned your duties again. Why must you be such a naughty little boy?
I simply cannot allow you to cause such trouble!

Oh, nonsense. Christophe is taking excellent care of me.
You're not the only one who knows how to treat a lady, you know.
See? I'm perfectly fine! Just a bit lightheaded, is all.
Oh, and who's your new friend?
Oh, yes! Heavens, I can't believe I didn't recognize you!
I've heard so much about you from my dear brother!
So, you came all the way out here just to help us?
How delightful! We owe you such a debt of gratitude.

You are truly a mighty warrior. I admire that greatly.
Heh... You've seen just a tiny glimpse of what I have in store.
Imagine, girl, the entire world bending their knees to grovel before me...
My, how scary!
But you did help us, correct?
That means you've got a kind heart underneath it all. And for that I thank you.
C'mon, you're throwing me off my game. You're the only person I've met who doesn't mess their pants in front of me.

Y-you've started cooking again?
I don't think that's such a good idea...
What do you mean?
People who eat her cooking usually end up... not living too long.
Oh Levin, you are such a card!
But cooking comes from the heart. Dr. Hao always said that. You remember him, don't you?

Will do.
And you do your best to make yourself useful, you understand?
Yes, Sis...

So, did you see the way Endorph was hitting on that cow chick? I mean, if it's your thing... You're one to talk. What do you mean? Oh, I'm just saying, Mr. Not Interested In That Kind of Thing was being awful flirty with a certain someone. I was not! Suuuuure. I don't like this conversation. Just move on to our meeting with Christophe. Fine, I'll drop it.


Feel free to keep whatever you may have liberated from the thieves. You need it more than I do, I'm sure.
M-Master Christophe! I have a favor to ask of you!
Please... give me the invoice for the Crimson Tear.
What's going on, Levin? Why would you speak of such a thing?
Crimson Tear...?
You mean you don't know?!
The Crimson Tear is, uh... well... Gah, I'm no good with this stuff. Vitali, help me out...

Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. Most people shudder if they even hear its name.
You understand what it means to be stuck here, locked out of heaven forever?
Well, I was guarding a shipment that left here with a Crimson Tear.
A shipment that ended up in... Raide.
That's top secret! If you cannot follow protocol, how can I trust you with such sensitive information?
And the rest of you! Forget everything you just heard! Understand?
But Master Christophe...!

Well, what can I say? You've obviously made up your mind already.
Hey, what sort of spell did you cast on him? I could use something like that.
I dunno. He's friggin' nuts, forcing his way into one shitstorm after another.
It's like he has a radar to track down tornadoes of crap to jump into.
Hahaha! Oh, Gig. You have such a unique sense of humor.
It seems I have no choice, then.

What choice do I have? We've cast our lots already. We'll just have to see it through.
I hope you can understand my decision.
Of course.
Wow! Thanks!
I'm hoping this is the last time you ever ask such an... illegal favor of me.
Okay, your turn. Tell me what the plan is.
I'm about to lose a very valuable customer over this. I'd at least like to know what I'm paying for.
Well, you see...

Perhaps there wouldn't be much danger in leaving it alone for now...
And let me fill you in on something. The Crimson Tear is what's keeping me bound to the kid, here.
It's all that old hag's fault. But what the hell, I'm having fun here. Hehehe...
Hey, now that you mention it, I remember seeing it, too. It had such a sad glow...
I wondered why Lady Layna would have something like that...
But... I'm sure she had a good reason for keeping it.
I understand that the jewel is ideal for sealing other souls.

Ah, I see now where this is headed.
The monstrous shadow looming over us does represent untold power as well as vast evil.
And to remain afloat in this hectic world, a country like ours does need access to a certain amount of power...
So the king bought the Crimson Tear?
In all likelihood. Who but a king would have the resources to acquire such a thing?
No doubt his land's taxes have been funneled into its purchase.
Even so, the jewel was only average purity. The cost of a perfect jewel would be astronomical.

You haven't formulated your plan yet, have you? I'll give you some time to sit down and get everything in order.

You know, anyone reading this isn't going to have a damn idea what your plan is. It's simple. We get in touch with the Knights and present the evidence to them. Yeah, that's sure going to work all right. Brilliant plan. Quiet.

But how will we get in contact with the knights?
Umm... we were sorta hoping...
Ahh. You're asking me for yet another favor?
Why must you be so brutal? Do you know what kind of position this puts me in?
Hmm... but still, it's a good plan. I'd like to see how it plays out.
Very well. I'll relay the message for you.
But that's it! You're cut off! I'll do no more of your dirty work.
Th-thank you, Master!

Now that I get it, I still have to say this plan is lame. You say that about everything, Gig. That doesn't mean it's not true.