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Part 36: Christophe II

Chapter 22: Christophe II



We went back to Christophe to see what he had on the Yesterwind. The more I hear about these guys, the less I like them. Wait, so these are guys you won't bitch and moan and manage to not kill? I think we're pretty safe meting out swift justice to them, yeah. Sweet.


I've been trying to keep an eye on my sly little brother these days...
I'll make sure we watch him even closer now.
So you think you can find out where they took my sister?!
I don't see why not.
But I must apologize, Levin... I'm to blame for what happened to her. I'll make sure we find her. Trust me.
Please, do whatever you can!
I don't buy it.
Hm? What do you mean?

Wha? What're you talking about?
I'll tell you. And I'll use nice, small words. Just for you.
He's too quick. He's always got a plan ready, even two seconds after we tell him what's going on.
What I wanna know is, what's your angle? If you're thinking of backstabbing us, I'll slit your throat right now.
I suppose I can tip my cards now.
Honestly, I feel bad about it. But Vitali's been reporting to me on everything that's been happening.
So you've been spying on us?

Of course, in the beginning I hadn't ruled anything out. Haha.
Don't you 'haha' us, chuckles! You really expect us to believe you don't have a hidden agenda here?
I haven't figured you out yet, but I'm sure it's there. You maggots do some stupid shit, after all.
Justice, love, hope... all these pathetic, false ideals push people to do some really retarded stuff.
Your opinion is not without merit.
*sigh* I was left totally out of the loop again, huh?

But I do apologize. From now on, I won't hide anything from any of you.
Maybe it doesn't mean much, but I swear to fully cooperate with you from now on.
But I'll still need time to collect and analyze all the information.
So take this chance to empty your minds and fill your stomachs. There's some truly legendary hotpods awaiting you.
I still don't like you. But I'll gladly eat your food!
Hey, kid! Get moving! Go go go!
Wha?! No way! You're not eating them all this time!

The hotpods were pretty damn good. You got that right. I decided to ask Christophe what he knew about the Yesterwind after dinner.

They've latched onto the most foul parts of society's black-market underbelly.
Their hideout, trade methods, intel network, it's all a mystery. All we know is it's run by a ruthless Sepp.
We've got plenty of pictures and info on him... but only because of another case...
What does Cuthbert have to do with this?
I wish I knew. Or maybe not... maybe I've been in denial this whole time...
When Raide came and pressed me to find them a Crimson Tear, it was Cuthbert who managed to find it...

I'm sure you've noticed the utter lack of children these days, yes?
Well the same was true when I was young. My brother is much younger than me, but he was still another valuable child.
Back then, our parents were always busy with work, so I took care of him. I even had to change his diapers. Hehe.
And now, to think he's fallen in with the cretins of Yesterwind...
Our parents were killed before he was barely out of diapers, I was still young, myself...
Perhaps I failed him... Perhaps I didn't raise him well...

I hadn't really noticed it before, but everyone seems to be having problems with not enough children being born. It's like the world's dying. I'm not sure how that can even be, though. I guess maybe that's what we're supposed to fix by killing the World Eaters, although I'm not sure how that works.

But these Yesterwind bastards, they're parasites of the worst kind. Because children are rare they see them not as people but as premium goods. They kidnap people to sell to the highest bidder. They did it to Tricia and how knows how many little girls like her. Well I think it's time they felt the consequences of their actions. As soon as Christophe finds anything we're going to smash these bastards.



These dreams are getting sort of obtuse. I've no idea whose dream this could even be. It's sure not mine, and it can't be yours.

I just want to know if he's going to live!
I'm sorry... the rash has spread across his entire body. All we can do now... is pray.
I don't want to hear that. There are no gods for us!
Sir, please, calm down!
I was mistaken, Dio... there is one god. But I will not pray to him.

No, of course not.
Somehow, that old hag's to blame. I'm sure of it.

I wish all this would make sense. As it is, it's all a jumble. Someday, though, enough of the puzzle is going to fall into place for me to see the whole. Then maybe I'll finally learn who I am.



Christophe came through! He's managed to find the Yesterwind's hideout. We're on our way there now. It's going to be a long journey and is a bit of a detour, but I'll be damned if these slavers get to continue their devil's work.

Hey, boy, cool it...
Don't you tell me to cool it!
You're not the one whose sister's waiting for his brother to save her! Dammit!
Hello, everyone. Sorry this took so long.
But we've discovered where Cuthbert's been moving back and forth from.
The third World Eater can be found near the country of Orviska.
Now, to the east there's an area called the Ensnarelands. Our scouts always seem to lose Cuthbert as he arrives there.
Anyone who's gone in hasn't come out, so we have no intel on the area. But if you're really determined...
Alright! Great! Awesome! Then what're we waitin' for?!

Oh, and I'm going with you this time. I won't be taking any bodyguards, so I trust you'll protect me.
But why...?
First, to show I was serious about being honest with you. Second, there's someone I've been searching for...
Someone who risked his life to save me. Someone to whom I owe everything.
He became a fugitive because of what he did for me. And I think I can find some answers once we find Yesterwind.
He saved me before, and it's time I return the favor. Unlike then, I now have the means to do that.

As we left the city, I heard a familiar voice. Sadly.

So we can go now!
Tricia, are you okay?
Now didn't I ask you to call me Trish?
U-umm... Trissshh...a?
N-nothing... let's just go.
Oh, alright!

Oh, dear. Levin, are you holding your breath? You're bright red! Hehe.
L-let's just go! Um, Trish...
Indeed, let us go forth!

I kind of feel bad for Levin, because Tricia seems oblivious to him and he clearly has feelings for her. Yeah, but man-cow's so awkward it's hard to blame her for not being interested. Point taken. Anyway, we're headed for the Ensnarelands now. I'll write more once we arrive.