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Part 38: Levin

Chapter 24: Levin



Well, it's all over. After what happened, I don't think the Yesterwind will be a threat any more. Yeah. Although that was all a bit overdramatic for my tastes. Stupid humans. Yeah, it might have been a bit much. Anyway, after Odie broke the spell, we were able to find the Yesterwind HQ. They seemed oblivious to the fact that their protections were gone. Soon we'd reached the edge of their grounds.


This is Yesterwind, right?! I know what you're all about! What'd you do with my sister?!
Oh, you must be that new Sepp's...
Listen, I don't know nothin' bout that. But if you're so worried, go take a look for youself...
Right after you get past me!

It was a threat. But I wasn't worried. We were ready for these clowns.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This is the first of the really nasty maps. There's lots of enemy rooms, many of them have healers, and the map's big. Take some time to upgrade your rooms and get bigger ones. Don't be afraid to buy new characters if someone's level is lagging.

I made a new unit led by Agrippa that flies, because flying is awesome. They also have Pinot. Let's look at some of their skills.

Aegis Strike hits an enemy leader, and is Pinot and Agrippa's combo skill.

Blossom Shot is Agrippa's special. It hits an entire enemy room and is awesome for that reason.

Three Werewins in a room let you use the special Raven Ripper, which hits the left and right files. It's interesting at least.

The most important thing on these maps is to take out the Dracosages asap, because the last thing you need is Pain Runes all over the place.

Levin was kind of losing it here.

Levin... he's already dead.
Where they hell'd you take her!
Don't get wound up, boy. See where their force is heaviest? That's gotta be the way to go.
Good idea, big guy...
Alright! Let's do it!
Hey, make sure not to drop your guard from here on out. They could attack anywhere and anytime.

We approached their main building. It was unmistakable, despair hung in the air like fog.

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The guards were just around the corner, we were hoping to knock them out silently.

You can't even find the front gate unless you know exactly where you're going.
Yeah, guess you're right. Must be my imagination getting bored...
*sigh* So, how long you think we gotta take care of that damn girl?
Orviska's not even trying to get her back, but the boss won't let us do anything with her...
I'm sick of making all her food...
Haha, come on. It's not all bad.
She's pretty damn cute, huh? Maybe we'll just... sample the goods, y'know, before they trash her.
Hmm... not a bad idea.
Who cares if she's off-limits, anyway? It's not like anyone's gonna buy her.
Exactly. It's our duty to show her what real men are like. Kehehe.

These sons of bitches were really starting to piss me off. But I was able to keep it under control. Levin, on the other hand, was not.

Don't take another step!
Don't you dare lay a finger on her! You sleazy pigs!
Intruders?! I told you!
How'd you get in here?!
This isn't good...
Hey, go get the boss!
I'll keep these losers busy.

Hey, would I be correct in calling these guys blockheads?
Hey there, looks like we've got us a live one!
Don't worry, ladies. We'll treat you real nice. Even if you get mussed up a bit, I'll keep you for myself. Kehehe!

These trash never even knew what hit them. We blew through their defenses like paper, and soon were in their main facility. We recovered keys from the guards, and set about freeing the prisoners.

Divide them up and let's open all these cells!
Levin, it's Euphoria! She's over here!

Sis! Sis!!!
Ng... unh?
Oh, Levin... what's wrong?
Sis...! Did they... do anything to you?
Oh, no... I'm fine.
They didn't try to hurt me or anything...
That's good.
I'm just... a little tired...
Is this it for me...?
I wanted to see him... just one more time... before I died.

Of course!
I won't let her leave us like this!
Sorry, everyone. We're gonna stay here for now.
If you need us later, just go ahead and summon us.
Take care of Master Christophe, okay?
We will.
I know you want to rush off like the incredible stampeding man-cow, but make sure you're ready first.

Gig was right, too. I always am. The Yesterwind weren't done by any stretch of the imagination...

Next time on Soul Nomad: Tragedy on the Rooftop: The Yesterwind Blown Away! It's Chapter 25: Cuthbert!