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Part 51: Dio IV

Chapter 37: Dio IV

Saturday, I think

Evening continued

Dio's back was up against the wall. The very canyon he'd brought us to, thinking us defeated, now trapped him in. All we had to do was push past him to the gate. But nothing ever turns out easily for us, does it? Duh.


Ng-! This isn't good!
This...! I can't-!
What? Huh?! M-my strength...!
Gah! Where has my extra surge of power gone?
No... my strength... fading!

Normally, those you summon are granted extra strength, are they not? Well, even if I can't seal it, I can still drop it.
Dammit! The Crimson Tear again!
He's right. I can feel our connection with them getting weaker.
At least we can still move.
Yeah, you're right. Now, if we can just do something about that damn jewel...
What, you think you stand a chance against my beasts with that powerless human frame?
Heh. We won't know until we try, right?

Dio didn't know who he was dealing with. Maybe before this started, he would have been right. I wouldn't have had a chance in hell of pulling this off. But now? Now it felt like there was nothing I couldn't do.

The Crimson Tears shattered into a thousand pieces, and Dio's spell was broken.

How... how can a human do this? Don't you get your power from Gig, just like the rest of them?
Haha. You're a little mixed up there, pal. This one's all human.
Alright kid, time to pop this zit!

For all his knowledge, Dio had made a critical error. He thought Gig was just supplying me with power. He didn't realize that there was no separating Gig's power and mine. But he was about to find out. The hard way.


Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This map is long and potentially painful. First thing, leave your most self-sufficient unit behind at the starting point, because Phynx Knight reinforcements show up there for a few turns and you want to kill them as they spawn. The Saboteur rooms are annoying because of the crowded conditions. Expect to hit a minetrap or two.

When you get to Dio, hit him as hard and fast as you can, ideally with an attack that will kill him in one hit. You may notice that in the video I waste his entire room except him with Juno and the Nereid's Sea Rush, and he then fries Norah (or Minerva, I can't recall which is in front with Juno) in one hit as his counterattack. Dio hits HARD. You'd really like to just Demon Blast his ass into the ground before he ever takes an action. You should not expect to live through a Static Lance if he decides to hit you with one.

It was a long battle, but Dio, the greatest sorcerer in the world, the Bondsman of the Dead, was cast down. Finally justice was served for all those souls he sacrificed in the name of his insane plans.


What are you?!
...I don't know.
What do you care? It's none of your business, and you're about to die.
A better question is, who the hell are you? You know what only a god should know.
You're far beyond anything a regular human could ever dream of.
Hah. Remember, I am not a single human. I am the culmination of decades of research and bloodshed...
But that doesn't matter now.
Just remember... one thing...

Maybe that day will come. Maybe there will be a reckoning for all that I've done in this world. If there's a price to be paid, I'll pay it gladly. But I didn't have time to wait around for some mystic justice to smite me. The time had come. The gateway to Drazil beckoned...

Next time on Soul Nomad: Drazil- The Land of God! You won't want to miss it!