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Part 69: Faith

Chapter 3: Faith

I had some decent fun so far today, although I wish Thuris hadn't been such a chump. I mean I wasn't expecting much, but damn. I was hoping Feinne was going to have turned out to be super weak for a World Eater, but it looks like I'll have to find my fun some other way.


Oh, and it turns out we can fly. Gig suggested I should dye my hair yellow and grunt a lot. I have no idea why.

Kryuruku! (It looks so plain! Teehee.)
No! It's the legendary dragon, Sluperam!
No, no. You're all wrong. That's the fella what was fightin' that monster the other day.
But... how're they flying way up there! This ain't right!
It appears things are getting very dangerous around here! Perhaps it's time for us to stop. What do you think?
Th-that's a damn good idea, yeah. I think I'm ready to head back home.
Gahryah gyahragha... (We just ain't cut out to rob people.)
Kyrurukkuku. (We're pathetic. Teehee.)

We headed out to the town in Mirage Desert to find Thuris. Gig assured me he was around there somewhere.

So where is it?
Hey, Thuris!
I know you're out there! C'mon, show us that pretty face!
What's all the racket?
Master? Y-you're back... Wh-what is it this time...?
Hehehe. I wanted to introduce you to the kid here.
M-Master, your greetings are always so... painful.

Hehe. You should be happy it only took three days. You're gonna have some real fun today!
My disciples! Kanan! Come to my aid!
Lord Thuris, what's wrong?!
Hey, who's this?
It's the devil! Destroy the devil!
Yes, Lord!
A Dracon preacher... human and Sepp followers. Quite a little utopia you've got here!
We might actually have a challenge this time!
Good luck, everyone!

Thuris was weak as a box of anemic kittens. One hit nearly leveled him. The blow wasn't the most beautiful cruelty of it, though. It was what happened after.

It's cuz there's no barrier.
My soulmate has no problem using my power. Freedom of the heart, ya dig?
That voice...!
It's the voice of the reaper.
Hehe. Yeah, I guess I am the Master of Death, after all.
No. That voice... it's the voice of the true god! I've been deceived!
What have I done...? How could I have been such a fool?!
What? What's wrong with you?
Hohoho... I understand now. I understand it all!
You are the only true being!

Kanan! How dare you betray me?!
I am your god!
Come, my followers! Destroy the faithless!

I don't know if Kanan is crazy or just decided to join the winning side, nor do I really care. She proved she was on our side by attacking her former followers.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This map is pretty much a joke. That event triggers when Thuris reaches 50% or less. He's got a décor that revives him at 1 HP once in case you one shot him. Kanan joins as a neutral unit for this map, and will permanently join afterwards.

By the way, Kanan has one of the most powerful Skills in the game. It's called Death Letter, and it's absolutely brutal. It does (Max HP - 1) damage to every enemy target in the squad that it hits. It's not 100% accurate, but with a little luck you annihilate enemies. Here's what it looks like:

She's of course a story character schemestress, which makes her awesome inherently. She's also always been a favorite of mine because she's got some hilarious lines in this path. Also, my vote is that she jumped ship on Thuris because she's always on the winning side, not for any other bullshit reason. I'm pretty sure she'd have tried it in the Normal Path if she hadn't gotten eaten first.

By the way, this map is one of the best Demon Path maps because I hate Thuris and any chance to kick his ass is much appreciated.

Thuris decided to be a spoil-sport and cheat death. I wasn't even going to bother killing the weakling before, but his lame cowardice sort of pushed me over the edge.

I'm sorry. He caught me.
But don't worry. I'll be fine!
God, you're dumb.

He seriously thought taking the little brat hostage was going to mean something. Last mistake he ever made.

You cant... be... human...!
Well, not anymore. Hehe.
You didn't even think twice about me! That's like the evilest of the evil!
Damn... this rugrat almost dies, and he's getting off on it!
You scare me, brat.

Honestly, I was hoping for more out of Thuris. I was still pretty bored after the fight, so I decided to free the local town from this vale of tears.

Hah. How much power did I give you?
Alright, then. If you've still got some energy left over, why not... destroy the city or something?
Ahhh! It's a demon! The devil! The grim reaper!!!
What are y-gh! Please... at least spare... the child.
Stop it!!
Please die.
Child: Nyaaahhh!!!

You know what they say. To make an omelet you've got to commit a little genocide. Or something. Anyway, outside the ruins we ran into someone who wanted to come along.

You've really gone off the deep end, huh?
Even I wouldn't go that far. Whatever compassion you might've had has flown totally out the window.
It's so cool!
Th-that... to do that... Such destruction...
Alright, well, let's head home.
My Lord! Please wait!
Whaddya want?
Hey, uh... I think she meant me.
I've witnessed your glorious power... it was wonderful. It has moved me deeply.
Please, if you would... take me with you!
Geez, suck up much?

Oh, thank you my Lord! I'm ecstatic to have your blessing!
Hmhmhm... Hahaha!

So now we've got a crazy Dracon preacher on our side. I guess that's a good thing. She does seem to appreciate a good massacre. Anyway, we're going back to the village. Wiping out cities is a lot more work than you'd think. I'm tired. But it's a good kind of tired.

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