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Part 79: Requiem

Chapter 12: Requiem

They've really gone and done it this time. As far as I'm concerned they signed a death warrant for every last living thing on this wretched rock. I'd have respect if they'd tried to defeat me with their strength then inevitably failed. But instead they used cheap shit.

I'm getting ahead of things. I've no sense of time at the moment. I'm going to have to write all this out later, because I can hardly do it in my current situation.

Anyway, we headed back to the castle from Lobo's old HQ. Seems everyone wanted to come along to Raide. A suspiciously large group, in fact, not that I was worried. Every last clown there could jump ship and team up with an army of fire breathing donkey men against me and I'd still massacre them all with ease.


Listen to this...
Damn. So you want revenge, huh?
Sounds like fun. Mind if I tag along?
See? I told you!
I'd like to go, as well.
And Gestahl, of course...
Hahahaha! I'd love to see my old home!
I demand to go, as well.
I can't let you go without me, lord.
And me.

Let us join you, too!
God. Even the worthless peons wanna come?
How's you get so popular? Looks like everyone's anxious to see you ruin Raide's shit, kid.
Okay, let's go.
Thanks. I won't let ya down.

I smelled a trap from the start, and I couldn't have been more right. I also couldn't have cared less. I'm not even sure it's possible for me to die any more.

VIDEO Correct video now.

That retarded cow guard from Astec was there, as expected.

Haha! What's with the posse? Afraid of taking us on by yourself?
Hey, he's tearing you a new one, kid.
And where's the rest of your gang?
Hah! Doesn't look like there's too many of us, does it?
But oh boy! You couldn't be more wrong! Isn't that right, Master Dio?
Is it ready?
Ready and waiting!
Go for it, Dio!
My time has come...

Son of a bitch pulled out more Crimson Tears than I ever though I'd see in one place. Those damn wizards had been a ruse, a ploy to get us to create these very Tears they were going to use against us. It was clever, I'll give them that. But one Tear or a thousand, they're still just mortal trash struggling to stave off inevitable death.

What the hell?!
Dio... tell me what's happened.
Don't you... forget about me~
Report, now.
Of course, lord. While I was away, the Master of Death and his vessel conquered Orviska Castle.
At that time, you were already in bad shape and had lost most of your memory. So they gained total control of you.

I'm sick of Gig being given as much credit as he is. He's got power, but he's a lightweight. If it wasn't for my efforts while I was awake he'd be beating up children for lunch money somewhere.

But currently, we are up against those who dominated you. I would ask that you lend us your aid...
Very well. I just have to get rid of these pests, correct?
I can feel my old power returning...!
And now, Devourlord, I will be taking our queen back.
Ohh, Dio! I've been waiting so long for this moment!
As promised, I shall return her soul...
I never doubted you, Dio.

I don't know what these guys are even talking about any more. And what's worse, it seems they had a spy in our midst.

Praise to Master Dio! All hail Her Majesty!
A spy, huh?
I must say, the infiltration was utter child's play.
Huh. You losers don't have the guts to stand up to us, so you just sneak around instead. Pathetic.
So, Lobo... what about you?
N-now hold on just a second! I didn't have anything to do with this! I haven't done anything but help!
Hey, pal... we're friends, aren't we?
Those Crimson Tears... they're just like that one we saw before, right?
And how do you create a Crimson Tear? Through the unwarranted death of a strong soul, you say? Correct!
You wanted us to kill those people before. They knew what would happen when we killed them, huh?
H-hey, c'mon... you gotta believe me!

I guess I don't blame you. Who could trust someone like me?
I figured, after everything we'd been through... but hey, believe whatever you want.
See ya later...

And he left. Most of his men, however, didn't leave with him. They knew which side was the right one to stay with.

Of course, I never did like him. I feel better already with him gone.
It doesn't matter.
Just kill and destroy, same as before.
Looks like you just lost quite a few of your pawns! You worried about your empire yet? Haha!

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This isn't that hard of a map as long as you bring along Burning Blood or Living Now to spam out Demon Forces.

Of note is the quality of voice acting especially in the post battle cutscene. Thorndyke and Kanan have some truly amazing stuff after the fight.

Oh, and if we'd said we trusted Lobo, he'd have laughed at us for trusting him and then left, in case you're wondering.

Just like a Sepp. He doesn't bother to think about his metaphor. I might have lost most of my pawns, but it doesn't matter, because I've got these clowns in checkmate simply by being here.

And sure enough their King took a final fall.

Wh-what did I do wrong?
Huh? You probably did everything wrong! Why does it matter?
I mean, even gods don't know how things will turn out in the end. How would some worthless human know any better?
Worrying about 'what you did wrong', as if you could do anything about it now, is a total waste of time.
Hang on for just a moment! I can help!
It's... too late. Gah...
The world... growing dark... World... too far... My... world...
Death... nothingness... Finally... I can rest...
L-Lord Median!!!

Hmph. Gestahl had been Lord Median the Conqueror the whole time it seemed. But now he was just another pile of rotting meat. The former hope of the world was gone for good. Now I just had to kill the new hope as well, and usher in the last days of this heap of rock. Levin 'the Undying' just couldn't live up to his reputation, and soon I'd run him through. He lay bleeding on the pavement of Raide's capitol.

Shut up. I like this new body...
Huh? You say somethin' man cow?
Whatever. Doesn't matter. You're dead, anyway. Hey kid, let's get this over with. You'll feel better once it's done.
How should we do it?

Then a voice I didn't expect to hear rang out, and not the last of the day in that area.

That little snot... he's still alive?
...No, I am a failed man. I have no right to call myself a father...
Hoho. So, Sir Thorndyke, you weren't completely insane, after all.
I listened... I watched everything you did.
When you killed that child that looked just like Penn. And when you murdered an innocent man in cold blood...
You're making the same face now as you did then. It's the face of suffering, of helplessness. I love that face... hohoho!

I'm pretty sure Kanan broke the guy then and there. She's pretty persuasive on that front.

As soon as I killed that child...
You're right! That was just an excuse for me to do what I loved!
This senseless massacre is what I was born for!
All I hear are the whispers, the echoes, the screams to bleed them all dry!
Hahaha! Devourlord! If you can't finish him, allow me the pleasure!

He swung his blade, but that thrice damned Silent Knight appeared, again! And what's worse, when she spoke I recognized her simpering voice immediately. I'd been way, way too sloppy when I started this, and it showed.

What the hell?
It's that knight again.
Th-the Silent Knight!
Father, please... grant me strength!
Help me stop them! Put an end to their carnage!
My body!
Gh-! I can't move!
What the...? Hey queenie, what do you think you're doing?

She started singing that accursed lullaby again. That damned song that reaches into my memories and drives me into sleep. I HATE it.

My head... feels heavy...
Hey, wait! This is no time for a nap!
...! Could it be... that lullaby!
Hehe. These Crimson Tears have worked extra hard just for this moment.
Wh-why... so sleepy...?

But the mortal filth have made a costly and terrible mistake. That I'm still here means they can't kill me. They must be searching for some other means to be rid of me. And if I wake up before they do...

Gig's been here with me in my sleep this time. We've been preparing, scouring a thousand worlds for the strongest demons we could find. These trash will have a surprise waiting for them when I awaken. They will know the true meaning of despair, just before they die, because their failure will be the beginning of this world's final day. I have the power now to destroy this world, and it's all thanks to the time alone their worthless magic has given me. I'm sure they'll appreciate the irony when I tell them just before I kill them.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This is the part in the game where I strongly suggest you level the main character up to around level 200. I'll discuss strategies for that next update, but suffice it to say the game is about to get MUCH harder for the last two maps of this path and if you're not using the Hades' Despair room level 80's just not going to cut it any more.