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Part 1: Mission 1 - Lighthouse

Mission 1 - Lighthouse

Location: Punta Blanco Lighthouse, Outside Talara, Peru.

Bruce Morgenholt has been kidnapped by a Peruvian separatist group known as the People's Voice. Morgenholt's knowledge of dangerous computer algorithms must no fall into the hands of the People's Voice or the leader, Hugo Lacerda.


Lighthouse Part 1 (Viddler/Polsy) Lighthouse Part 2 (Viddler/Polsy)

Lighthouse Part 1 ( Lighthouse Part 2 (

60 Second Level Recap:
Lighthouse (Viddler/Polsy)

Mission Objectives:

Primary Objectives

Rescue Morgenholt


If possible, rescue Bruce Morgenholt from the guerrillas. Do not compromise the mission for the rescue.

Recover or destroy information about the Masse Kernels.


Any information the guerrillas may have gotten from Morgenholt must be recovered or destroyed, and any copies of it must bed erased from Computers or servers.

Discover where the guerrillas got their arms and equipment.


The guerrillas have seeming received weapons from an unknown party. Possibly as payment for the kidnapping of Morgenholt. Discover where the weapons came from.

Exfiltrate to the Primary extraction point.


Exfiltrate from the top of the Lighthouse by clearing the upper platform and disabling the Lighthouse light.

Secondary Objectives

Eliminate Hugo Lacerda.


Hugo Lacerda has been elevated to Third Echelons's target of opportunity list. Take advantage of any possible opportunity to remove him from the list.

Opportunity Objectives

Scan the SSCC bar code of the delivered crates.


Scan the weapons crate containing weapons delivered to Lacerda by checking them manually or by using your EEV.

Emails found during the mission


From: Alphonse
To: Jim
Date: June 23, 2007
Subject: PP

Hey Jimbo. So I took Piedro up on his offer and came camping with his buddies. Turns out they're a bunch of half-organized revolutionaries... kinda harmless though. Anyway, I was looking around in some caves here and spotted some Bioluminescent fungus or maybe it was fungus that was host to Photobacterium Phosophorium... Not sure. I'll try to get you a sample.


From: WNM News Wire
To: Subscriber
Date: June 23, 2007
Subject: "People's Voice" suspected in Morgenholt Kidnapping

The Peruvian government has communicated their suspicions that American Bruce Morgenholt was kidnapped by an organization known as the "People's Voice". The group itself has not released any public statements.


From: WNM News Wire
To: Subscriber
Date: June 23, 2007
Subject: Contact with ISS lost.

Contact with the International Space Station has been lost. Technicians fear that the station may have been struck by a micrometeor.

Mission Notes