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Part 7: Mission 7 - Battery

Mission 7 - Battery

Location: NKA Coastal Battery, outside Purpoi, North Korea.

With Zherkezhi dead and the world at the brink of war, it must be determined if the North Koreans intentionally launched the missile that sank the USS Walsh, or if the launch was forced by Masse enabled information warfare attack.

Battery Part 1 (Viddler/Polsy) Battery Part 2 (Viddler/Polsy)

Battery Part 1 ( Battery Part 2 (

60 Second recap
Battery Recap (Viddler/Polsy)

Things are really heating up now. But we're not getting any closer to finding the one's responsible.

Mission Objectives

Primary Objectives
Exfiltrate to any available Extraction Point.


Exfiltrate over the side of the cliff from either launcher.

Tap the Launcher BIOS for a fingerprint of Dvorak algorithm fragments.


If the launch was forced it’s possible that a Dvorak ‘fingerprint’ can be found on the BIOS of the west battery launcher. Open the casing on the launcher itself to check.

Acquire the missile abort codes.


The missile is away. Get the abort codes from the launch command beneath the east battery launcher.

Abort the missile.


Take the abort codes to the east missile bay and use them to bypass the missile fusing authorization check.

Determine if the North Koreans intentionally launched the missile.


Despite the North Koreans claims, satellite shows conclusively that the missile that sank the Walsh came from this battery. Check the command center to determine if it was intentional.

Stop the missile.


War has broken out, and North Korea has authorized attacks against US targets at sea. Try to prevent a missile launch from the east battery launcher.

Secondary Objectives
*No secondary Objectives given during the mission*

Opportunity objectives
Recover the shipping and repair logs.


Recovering low level intelligence about shipping and repair duties from four unsecured computers will give Echelon’s analysts a better picture of NKA capabilities in the region.



From: Ho
To: Feng
Date: July 6, 2007
Subject: Munitions delivery error

Feng, I was looking through the small arms munitions delivery in the warehouse and it looks like you ordered Nato 5.56. I didn’t think that was possible... But regardless, we have no weapons that fire it. What are we going to do with it?


From: Chen
To: Bong
Date: July 6, 2007
Subject: Bloody nose

Bong, I know you have that problem with your nose when you’re underground for too long, so I ordered another medical kit and had it installed in the missile bay control room in case you need it.


From: System Administrator
To: User
Date: July 6, 2007
Subject: WNM News Wire – Undeliverable

The message sent to subscriber at this server has been blocked by the Administrator.