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Part 8: Mission 8 - Seoul

Mission 8 - Seoul

Location: Seoul, South Korea.

The attack that sank the Walsh could not be traced back further than the South Korean National Data Trunk. Drives must be recovered from the NDT before North Korean troops get them and justify their invasion and occupation of South Korea.

Seoul Part 1 (Viddler/Polsy)

Seoul Part 1 (

The second part of this mission will be posted next week as I'm going away over the weekend and haven't really had time to fix the other parts.
Besides, it gives me the chance to record that () mission without any real delays.

Mission Objectives

Primary Objectives
Get to the rooftop to transfer the data to the EA-6B.


Broadcast the data from the NDT drives from the roof of the building to an EA-6B using a point-to-point secure laser communication link to prevent data interception.

Interrogate a special forces agent to determine the location of Jong.


Third Echelon operatives operating elsewhere in Seoul need you to interrogate nearby Special Forces. The mission will be aborted if they die before interrogation.

Locate and retrieve data drives from the NDT.


The National Data Trunk surfaces at a switching station in central Seoul. Recover the drives from the station to discover if the attack on the Walsh originated in South Korea.

Secondary Objectives
Tap a Mobile Command Center.


Enter and tap a North Korean mobile MCC to give Third Echelon access to the North Korean command networks.

Opportunity objectives
Stop North Korean propaganda broadcasts.


Disabling loud speakers broadcasting North Korean propaganda would dramatically improve morale of allied troops.

*No emails were recovered during this mission.*