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Part 9: Mission 8 - Seoul (part 2)

Mission 8 - Seoul (part 2)

Location: Seoul, South Korea.

The data from the NDT was successfully transferred back to Third Echelon for analysis. Unfortunately, the plane that was rebroadcasting the information was shot down before it could be purged. That data must not fall in North Korean hands.

Seoul Part 2 (Viddler/Polsy)
Seoul Part 3 (Viddler/Polsy)

Seoul Part 2 (
Seoul Part 3 (

Only two missions left to do. Next up. That () one.

Mission Objectives

Primary Objectives
Designate the wreckage of the EA-6B for Aerial bombardment.


The data aboard the downed EA-6B is not recoverable. Take a position atop the scaffolding to the west of the crash site and laser designate the wreckage for an air strike.

Get to the EA-6B crash site.


Proceed east from the rooftop of the Telecommunications building to locate the wreckage of the downed EA-6B.

Prevent data aboard the EA-6B from being recovered by North Korea.


The remnants of the data aboard the EA-6B must not fall into North Korean hands. Either recover the data, or ensure that it cannot be recovered by the NKA.

Secondary Objectives
*No secondary objectives were encountered during this mission.*

Opportunity objectives
Disable portable radar reconnaissance receivers.


The NKA is using Portable Radar Reconnaissance Receivers (P3R’s) too coordinate ground mapping and tracking of allied targets. Disable any P3R’s you can find.

Gain information about NK UAV’s.


North Korea has unveiled their new Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. They have extremely advanced technology. Try to recover a technical specification for Third Echelon.

*No emails were recovered during this mission.*