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Part 10: Mission 9 - Bathhouse

Mission 9 - Bathhouse

Location: Shinjuku District Bath House, Tokyo, Japan.

Douglas Shetland is in Tokyo and planning to meet with an unknown party to sell off the last of the information Displace gathered from Zherkezhi and Morgenholt. Shetland’s partners must be identified, and Shetland must be stopped.

Bathhouse Part 1 (Viddler/Polsy) Bathhouse Part 2 (Viddler/Polsy)

Bathhouse Part 1 ( Bathhouse Part 2 (

Only one mission left to go before we are done with the singe player campaign. And compared to this one it's a cakewalk.

Mission Objectives

Primary Objectives
Eliminate Shetland.


Shetland must not be allowed to escape the bathhouse under any circumstances.

Disarm Shetland’s Bombs.


Shetland is planting bombs that will destroy the bathhouse and cover up evidence. Disarm the bombs before going after Shetland.

Eavesdrop on Shetland’s meeting before the I-SDF takes him down.


Shetland is meeting in the private area of the Bathhouse to conclude his deal. Otomo’s I-SDF is inbound to take Shetland down. Eavesdrop on the meeting before this happens.

Gain Entry to the Bathhouse.


Shetland has secured a Tokyo bathhouse to finalize his dealings with unknown partners. Enter the bathhouse through the drainage system.

Discover who Shetland’s contact is.


Access the computer of the bathhouse owner to determine who Shetland’s contact is and where and when they will be meeting.

Secondary Objectives
*No secondary objectives were encountered during this mission.*

Opportunity objectives
Tap the bathhouse telephone lines.


Third Echelon field runner Frances Coen has been monitoring the activities of a Yakuza organization known as the Red Nishin. Tap the bathhouse phone lines for her.



From: WNM News wire
To: Subscriber
Date: 07/10/07
Subject: Rising Mercury in depleted tuna

Scientists in New Brunswick, Canada today announced the findings of a ten year study into heavy metal contamination of fish stocks. The findings were ‘seriously alarming’ said Dr. Jules Bortlein, but ‘ultimatley not that relevant since there are no more tuna.’


From: WNM News wire
To: Subscriber
Date: 07/10/07
Subject: Walsh sailors bodies return home

The bodies of 141 sailors from the USS Walsh returned to the United States today in preparation of funeral services.


From: Karol
To: Shetland
Date: 07/10/07
Subject: Chaos Theory

Sir, I have completed installation of the requested algorithms and installed the required software to maintain operation security, all that is required is entry of the tasks and sub tasks and allocation of the number of assets and execution time and location. The algorithms will then generate the mission plan and contact your men remotely when needed.