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Part 26: 26 - My Sack Is Huge

26 - My Sack Is Huge

[So, we have the third SpellStone and we need to get back to Volcano Force Point Temple, so let's-]

Wow, it's just like real military intelligence!

[Amazingly, nothing of interest is happening back on Dinosaur Planet, so I guess we can head up to the Temple without worrying.]

[Along the way we crack open the third grate.]

[Bafomdad Count: 21]

[Once more into the breach!]

In a minute, maybe.

[Off to the left of the entrance is a spot for a Moon Seed. We could have come back after getting Moon Seeds way back when, but who cares?]

[Bafomdad Count: 22]

[It's also the spot where we get the sixth Cheat Token. I call it the sixth, but each Cheat Token actually has a distinct effect and the order in which you get them and deposit them makes no difference whatsoever to which 'cheat' you get.]

[Thankfully, the temple is basically as we left it which means relatively little bullshit of having to deal with the same puzzles again.]

[We're soon back in the central chamber. This time we use the SpellStone on the other slot (the far one).]

[The far door pops open.]

[More pointless environmental hazards. This game is so easy, it's kind of depressing to think about.]

[At the top of the elevator we have a new variation on an old puzzle.]

[Instead of just blowing out the candles, we have to do so in the correct order (in the previous screenshot start farthest from the door and go to the one closest to the door). Anything outside of that order and they light back up.]

[Another lock pops open.]

[In the next room we get to kill some dudes. I guess this is supposed to break up the monotony, but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe I should take a break from Freeze Blast.]

[It might not be obvious through screenshots, but any time you find one of these red switches it's pretty much guaranteed that you need to tell Tricky to sit on it.]

[Doing so causes a nearby ladder to slide down for our use.]

[A switch is hidden by fire up top. Woo.]

[The switch opens this door.]

[This next room is kind of fun, but also kind of tedious once you figure it out.]

[First off, tell Tricky to stand on the switch as it causes this platform to slide back and forth. Then do your best Smokey the Bear impression.]

[Now, as the platform slides back and forth the flame also changes colour. Seeing the pattern? You have to time your shots as you slide back and forth to hit each orb with the corresponding coloured blast. The tedious part is that the timing can take a few rotations to aligh properly, so you can end up sitting on your thumb as you wait for it.]

[And with that, we're on the home stretch.]

[I'm fairly certain that each time we enter this chamber we enter from a different point, so I can never figure out why they force me to run around to one side of the thing to put in the new SpellStone. Sort of ruins the atmosphere as I fumble around dumbly looking for the right socket.]

[If you're still not seeing how the spiral has changed since we started you're a retard. Anyway, back in town...]

I knew it. I knew some bullshit was gonna happen.

You and everyone else reading this LP.

Yeah, it's like this shit is sent by Samuel Morse.


Moving on.

So, the ThornTails are getting eaten by gremlins.

God damn it, they're such a pain in the ass to hit.

[Once the cutscene ends the gremlins just sort of float around the ThornTails. They don't dive to attack the ThornTails, nor do they attack you. You just have to run around everywhere shooting the gremlins as they drift lazily about.]

[The damage I took was from the stupid poison mushrooms, if you were curious. Anyways, finish all the gremlins in time and...]

What's in the bag?

Err, nothin'.

Gee, great. Thanks.

But I've got this for you...

So, are we done with you people yet?

Heh, my sack is huge!

Yes, and filled with live insects.

You know, you could deal with that with special shampoo.

[So, we can now hold 200 scarabs. We only need that capacity for exactly one thing, but first:]

[Periodically this happens.]

Fox? Fox! FOX!!!!

Star Fox, not Grey Fox.

Fission Mailed, you twit.

[Anyways, when you push start it forces you to read an obnoxious and totally excessive hint. Seriously, what the fuck else am I going to do with a larger wallet?]

No, I don't think so.

Now go to hell, Shylock.

I wonder if I could bite exactly one pound of flesh off of you...

[I'm really not sure why the SnowHorn Wastes get so much love. We have to go back there, what, four or five times? Anways, next time we're going there for the last time.]