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Part 1: Episode 1: "Tutorial"

Episode 1: "Tutorial"

Korvat's Personal Log posted:

It's been difficult to find time to log my experiences over the past three days. I'd say it's been nerve-wracking, but I must admit to feeling quite a bit of excitement. When Starfleet Command called the entire graduating class of the academy to active duty for 'seasoning' aboard several rear-echelon support cruisers, I feared I'd been blacklisted-until we got aboard the USS Stalingrad and discovered that all of its experienced crewmembers had been pulled to front-line combat ships. Even better, we've been assigned to rendezvous with the bulk of the fleet in orbit above the Vega colony and provide what support we can.

Scuttlebutt says the Borg have attacked the Vega colony; but I've heard some of the crew suggest that it's actually an attack by the Cardassian Union. The prejudice is not unexpected. Of course, it could just as easily be the Klingons or even a rogue Romulan or the Dominion. Still, I'm not sure I believe that Starfleet Command would mobilize every ship in range to fight off anyone but the Borg.

I need to cut this short; I've just been called to the bridge (and, for some reason, I feel the fate of the galaxy may rest in my hands). We're going to arrive at Delta Vega in less than an hour, and I suspect the Captain wants to keep me where he can see me. Because it's every Cardassian's dream to sabotage any chance of beating an enemy everyone hates, be stabbed in the neck, and turned into a cybernetic drone.

Also, to the Federation Intelligence officer who's no-doubt reading this: In case you missed it, that was sarcasm.

Youtube Version

So, as we end Episode 1, we have some choices to make. I'm not going to tell you what ship (Centaur, Miranda, or ShiKahr) we'll be cruising around in next video; but I am going to let you guys name the ship, our bridge officers, and (once we get a high enough level) vote for which new ship you want to see me fly.

Suggestions are currently open for:
a) Our Ship
b) Our Vulcan Science Officer (male)
c) Our (purchased-off-camera) Bajoran Tactical Officer (female)

Additionally, I invite anyone interested to give their suggestion a little more weight by coming up with a brief bio for the officer they want to name. Bios will be added to the main post, and references to them will be made in Korvat's logs.