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Part 2: Episode 2: "Piracy"

Episode 2: "Piracy"

Captain's Log posted:

Captain's Log… I'm going to have to get used to that. I'd always assumed taking the 'command' classes at the Academy would turn out to be a waste, and that I'd never be allowed to sit in this chair (note to self: replicate more comfortable chair). I never expected the Federation would ever allow me to command one of their starships-no matter how old and outdated that ship may be.

I expect our first missions to be a bit sedated-patrol near the Sol sector, with allies nearby just in case I crash my ship into a rock, or decide to fire torpedoes at passing Ferengi (again: to the intelligence officer who's reading this, yes, that was a joke you dour sack of Targ droppings), or get jumped by a the Jem'hadar.

Still, it seems someone in Starfleet Command may be willing to put a little trust in me, and that is… surprisingly heartening. I… one moment.

It looks like I've just received my first real mission: the SS Azuria, a civilian transport craft, is several hours overdue-with warp travel, that simply should never happen, so I'm to backtrack along the Azuria's last course and attempt to discern what's happened to them.

(youtube version coming soon!)

Captain's Log posted:

Isshan Korvat

>>Access Denied <<

Son of a… Korvat8

>>Access Granted<<

… Ahem. A pox on all Bajoran terrorists, we should have wiped them out when we had the chance, yadda yadda, etc.

All joking aside, that woman has gone too far with her practical jokes this time! I don't know how she pulled this one off, but it's going to take me months to fix this. That damnedable Bajoran has somehow gotten my name officially changed to 'Korvat8'! I've already contacted command about it, and Starfleet says they'll have the paperwork to me in six to ten weeks!

I brought her on as my executive officer because I trust her tactical sense; but no doubt she thinks it's because I want to gloat about earning a command at such a ludicrously early point in my career, and is trying to aggravate me into requesting to have her transferred. Well, I suppose the practical joke's on her-I worked hard to get her here, and Cardassian or no Cardassian, she's just going to have to grow up and deal with it. If anything were to happen to me, I want to make sure my crew's in the hands of an officer I know and trust.

Still, this 'official name change' is going to be aggravating, but at least the crew seem to be in high spirits. I've already heard jokes, however, and tempted as I am to put an end to them (the jokes, not my crew: stop misreading me, oh nameless simpleton of an intelligence officer!), perhaps it's better to let them have their fun. Like me, most of them are fresh out of the academy; they don't really understand what service and duty may cost them, and I mean to keep as many of them alive and well as I can.

I do wish someone would explain this joke to me, however, because it simply doesn't make sense:
"Hey, why is the number six afraid of captain Korvat?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Because Korvat8 nine!"

… I just don't understand the human sense of humor.

Suggestions are currently open for:
a) Our Ship USS Benedict Arnold wins (Thanks, Mehuyael)
b) Our Vulcan Science Officer (male) Lomak Tamora wins (Thanks, Dolash!)
c) Our (purchased-off-camera) Bajoran Tactical Officer (female) Janzer Hela wins (Thanks, Kaboom Dragoon!)
d) Our (mission reward) Betazed Science Officer (female) Elerena Galti wins (Thanks, Ze Pollack!)
e) Our (mission reward) Andorian Engineering Officer (male) Tre'gata Ral wins (Thanks, ComposerGuy!)