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Part 10: Episode 10: "Behind Enemy Lines"

Episode 10: "Behind Enemy Lines"

Captain's Log posted:

The Federation has approved my request to extend our shakedown cruise; although under no circumstances is the Von Braun to enter Klingon territory.

Unfortunately, it seems our warp nacelles have malfunctioned and unexpectedly plunged the Von Braun deep into Klingon territory on an erratic course which has somehow managed to evade every Klingon patrol that's appeared on our sensors. Were it not happening to me, I myself would doubt that any malfunction could ever result in such fortuitous happenstance; indeed the plausibility of such a thing stretches belief, but it is the truth.

… For all you know.

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Captain's Log , supplemental posted:

Amir Singh strikes me as a singularly dangerous man. Officially, we apprehended him on the edge of Federation territory. As genetic engineering is illegal in both the Federation and Klingon Empire, I doubt the Empire will raise any complaints that a man responsible for experimenting on their… citizens has been brought to justice. I've set a course for Spacedock so Amir Singh can be tried; and while it pains me to do so, I've brought the bodies of the Gorn augments as well as Singh's experimental data along as well.

It seems Doctor Singh has been hard at work for a long time; he has experimental files for dozens of species, including: Human, Klingon, Vulcan, Nausicaan, Ferengi, Bajoran, Deferi, Kaitian, Bolian, Tellerite, Rigelian, Binar, and now even the Gorn. Conspicuously absent, however, are Romulans and Breen; for which I am grateful. The last thing we need are more insane Romulans or two-headed Breen running around.

With luck, Singh will be put away for a long, long time.