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Part 11: Episode 11: "Saving Kirk"

Episode 11: "Saving Kirk"

Captain's Log posted:

It seems our delivery of "doctor" Singh will have to wait. We've received a distress call from the USS Kirk, and I've ordered an intercept plotted at our best possible speed. This little Nova may not be able to top Warp 8, but we're still the closest ship to the Kirk.

I fear B'Vat may be plotting something, although I've also begun to believe that B'Vat is no undine. His methods are strange, but his motives seem pure Klingon. No, much as it pains me, I have to discount any possibility of him being one of those shape-changing monsters.

I'm also afraid the Von Braun's lack of a holodeck may be hurting morale. The Nova-class was never designed for extended missions, and I've already heard grumbling among the crew. No fights have broken out, thankfully; but already there have been innumerable pranks; yet there is constant talk that the Von Braun is 'haunted'.

If morale doesn't improve in the next few days, I may just go ahead and authorize Ensign Temujin's "pig roast".

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"Sir, wait! Are you sure this is a good idea? We should get in touch with Starfleet, request…"
"There is no Starfleet anymore, Elerena. We're all there is."
"I must concur. Logic dictates that whatever B'Vat has done has already irrevocably altered the timeline. I suspect that only our own current proximity to the Guardian of Forever has protected us from the effects so far…"
"… therefore, logically, it is up to us to abrogate whatever damage B'Vat may have caused."
"Abro… wha?"
"Hsst. It means 'put a stop to'."
"I'm afraid they're right, Elerena. There's no backup we can call, no friends who will come and help… right now, I suspect the only thing you'll find out there is Klingons. Guardian?"
"Space is bad enough when it's not crawling with Borg. No offense."
"Er, none taken. I guess."
"I… I know that. But, Hela, Lomak-what makes you think letting Korvat run amok in the past will be any better?!"
"That's not… er, what I mean to say is, while that is a very good point; we're going to be along with him, right?"
"Couldn't he still, y'know-orchestrate a Cardassian takeover of the Federation or something?"
"Why would I want to?"
"Your concerns are foolish, Elerena."
"No, her concerns are justified."
"She has her reasons to be suspicious. That all of those reasons begin, and end, with Admiral Chakotay is none of my concern. What is my concern is stopping B'Vat before he ruins the timeline. I'd like to count you all with me, but… I'll understand if any of you would prefer to stay here."
"Logically, B'Vat must be stopped."
"Hmnf. A girl's life is at stake. We should not allow B'Vat's conspiracies continue."
"Better a Cardie than the Borg."
"Yee-haw! Let's go kick B'Vat's ass so hard his past self will wake up sore!"
"Count me in. After all, someone's got to keep you from putting Gul Dukat on the throne."
"I… alright. You're right. I'm in, too."
"Alright then, it's settled. Oh, and Lieutenant Janzer? … Please don't mention that name around me ever again."

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