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Part 15: Episode 15: "31"

Episode 15: "31"

Captain's Log posted:

I'm not sure I like being so close to Romulan space. There's an air of paranoia and suspicion that's almost palpable; like a faint scent you just can't identify, or that blurred shape in your peripheral vision that could be a bush… or an assassin.

Most of the crew has been trying to pretend they're not afraid of any encounters with the Romulans, but while I'm sure they'll hold up bravely in the face of this new potential menace, I personally have very little experience with the Romulans-so I'm not sure what to expect. That uncertainty may be thrilling to a human, but in me it breeds only suspicion and anxiety.

In gladder tidings, however, the Bajoran Peldor Festival is nearly upon us. On the anticipation that we'd be far from Bajor and with no Holodeck aboard the Von Braun, I had a small shipment of Bateret leaves put in stasis and hidden deep in Cargo Bay II when we last left Earth spacedock for Lieutenant Janzer and my two other Bajoran crewmen. It is my sincerest (albeit, distant) hope that they will see the gesture's sincerity; rather than simply assuming I'm mocking their traditions.

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(Sorry if I sound a little tired. I'm a little tired.)

Captain's Log posted:


That seems to be the name of the game out here on the Romulan front. I don't know this Franklin Drake, having had no time for conversation before he was beamed aboard the U.S.S. Lakota. Needless to say, I will be remembering his name. Article 14, Section 31 has always been a bit of a problem for the Federation. As a Cardassian, I do understand the need for covert, deniable assets-but they must still be accountable assets, and Section 31 is accountable to no one. While I could easily spend all day in a sauna debating the merits and flaws of Starfleet's Section 31, I can sum up my objections in a single sentence:

I dislike being used.

Since it'll be another day or two before I can get the next video finalized...
Votes are currently open for Our next bridge officer (who will appear sometime after Update 18)! Options are (vote for up to two!):
a) "Friendly" Observer - Starfleet Command starts another 'officer exchange program' and a Liason from the Cardassian Defense Force is assigned to the Von Braun in exchange for allowing the ship easy access to Deferi space.
b) Paranoia - Korvat and crew are saddled with a defecting Romulan sublieutenant from a Romulan colony that's theoretically friendly with the Federation.
c) Giving Peace a Chance - (one of) The first Xindi-Primate(s) in Starfleet is assigned, not to a prestigious vessel, but to the humble Von Braun. Needless to say, he or she is a source of conflict.
d) Thing to Make Our Short Bus Go - A Pakled joins the crew… as the ship's counselor.
e) Hedonistic Displeasure - A Bolian joins the crew… as the ship's counselor.
f) LoLCaitian - A Caitian Librarian who's only knowledge of human culture comes from what she's learned from browsing hundred-year-old database files joins the crew.
g) Random - I take whatever Starfleet next assigns me, even if it's a duplicate of something we already have