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Part 14: Episode 14: "Early Winter"

Episode 14: "Early Winter"

Captain's Log posted:

The Federation has received a distress call from some Deferi traders who are experiencing some engine trouble. Although it's well out of our way, the Von Braun was chosen to respond. The Deferi are people who exist in a state of "balanced" neutrality (indeed, their idea of "balance" colors their entire existence; and they refuse to participate in any act they view as unbalanced). They don't have any real issues with conflict, however, and while their ships are only rarely armed, the few that are are a match for any Federation starship.

Since I have some experience with the Deferi-as they're both an interstellar neighbor of Cardassia and I once assisted a Deferi ambassador in a trade dispute, it must have seemed natural to send the Von Braun to assist them again. It's good to see someone upstairs thinks of my crew as something a little better than cannon-fodder for a Doomsday Machine.

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Captain's Log posted:

The Breen are up to something.

I'm not certain, but they seem to be targeting the Deferi specifically; and the Breen are far from their normal territories. They could be out raiding, but… the Breen have never been known for random acts of piracy. No, they're up to something: something that involves the Deferi. I've forwarded my suspicions to Starfleet Intelligence, but I've been denied the opportunity to investigate. Admiral Chakotay's orders were quite specific: The Federation is not going to send one of its starships into the territory of a non-aligned but neutral neighbor without their explicit invitation; and effective immediately we are being reassigned to the Romulan front.

Whatever the Breen are planning will go unopposed. For now.