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Part 51: Episode 51: "Fired"

Episode 51: "Fired"

Captain's Log posted:

The Brutus is quite a ship. Her crew's well trained, and Tre'gata tells me her engines are operating above factory efficiency, which is quite an accomplishment. She's a little sluggish at impulse and has a tendency to drift to a stop that necessitates careful use of full reverse if we need to stop quickly, but I've never served on a ship so well-tuned.

"Psst, hey… what do you think of our new Captain?"
"… Iffin it please ye, I be thinkin' he be pretty swell. Fer a spoony. Seems ta me he's knowin' what he's doin', in any case."
"That was my impression. He seems preoccupied, though."
"I'm suren' ye'd be a mite preoccupied iffin' ye got transferred unexpected-like."
"I'm sure that's true-"
"Excuse me, boys."
"Ma'am! … So, what do you think of his officers?"
"Dinnay yet. I'm suren' they're bein' completely capable an' I'll be havin' nae reason to doubt the Cap'n's judgement. Once I get ta know 'em. Why d'ye ask?"
"… Because I think I just fell in love."
"I dinnae think th' big blue one's yer type, laddie."
"No, I mean with the Vulcan."
"That be a Romulan, laddie."
"Vulcans have such cute, pointed ears…"
"… Iffin' ye weren't me superior officer, I'd be givin' ye such a smack."

"-the Brutus to your liking?"
"It's a fine ship. You didn't install any surprises on this one, did you?"
"Didn't have time. I'm not sure I approve their pulling you from active duty to join Battle Group Omega, either… you were far more valuable to the Federation on the Cardassian border. You know, I'd always wondered how you managed to swing a recommendation from Captain Sisko. I suppose now we know."
"What's Battle Group Omega up to, anyway? … Wait, what about Captain Sisko?"
"It's classified. Have you rendezvoused with the Cardassian dignitary yet?"
"No, we should've encountered her shuttle already. I'm following her projected course now, but we're not detecting any warp signatures. It looks like she hasn't even-"
"Captain, hold on a moment. Yes? What is it? Yes, I did. What's the problem, I've got Captain Korvat on the line right… alright, forward that report to me immediately. No, I want it right now, that's what 'immediately' means."

"Is everything alright, Captain?"
"I'll close the connection and let you get-"
"-The Ozaki is six hours overdue."
"… What?"
"She was on her way to Sol, and from there to Deep Space Nine; but we've received no word and she's now running extremely late. The Bounty's in the area, I'm going to divert her to Search and Rescue."
"Our mission's a non-vital courtesy, we can divert to assist. Do you need-"
"Captain, sorry to disturb you. We're receiving a distress call from Cerin Teresa. She's under attack by the True Way!"
"It looks like you have more pressing duties, Captain. I'll keep you informed, Drake out."

BlipTV version

"Korvat to medical, how's Korlissa?"
"I'll get right down there, sir!"
"Lieutenant Ramirez was beaming her out just in nick of time, sir. Um, She will surviving, but has becoming… hot under collar."
"Sir, there's a… Captain Drake trying to reach you, should-"
"-I'll take it in my ready room."

"You have news."

"It's not good, Isshan. The Ozaki's been destroyed."
"The Romulans?"
"No. It was some sort of high-energy antiproton weapon. The Bounty's sent us full scan data, but I've never seen patterns like these before. It looks like the Ozaki was able to launch a few lifeboats before it was destroyed. If they're out there, the Bounty will find them."
"She's a good ship, with a good Captain."
"She is. As much as I know you want to play the cavalry coming to the rescue, Admiral Quin is going to be in touch with you within the hour with new orders. Battle Group Omega is on full combat alert, and you're to proceed to Gamma Orionis."
"But… Gamma Orionis hasn't seen any real threat for decades; you can't tell me the Kzinti-"
"The Borg have returned, Korvat. It's like Vega Colony all over again… but across the entire sector."
"We'll set course immediately."
"Please do. Captain, if we find anything I'll be in touch."