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Part 59: Episode 59: "Worst Case Scenario"

Episode 59: "Worst Case Scenario"

Captain's Log posted:

We've drawn another random patrol. The Borg have been oddly quiescent of late. Although they're certainly out there, they seem to be devoting more and more of their attention on deep space far-removed from any worlds.

I fear my earlier hypothesis about the origins of the Undine in the area is correct, and the Borg are searching for the Undine, and may even be here as a response to the Undine. That tells me the Borg feel they're 'up to the task' of handling the Undine, and that is a worrying prospect. Although Starfleet wants to avoid any deep-space encounters, I've ordered-

"Sir, we've detected several Borg spheres on sensors."
"Hm, interesting. Their course?"
"-Looking for something. Something important. Sir, we have to stop them!"
"… I concur. Sensors suggest they're flying some sort of search pattern. There may be other ships in the area as well, but several strong radiation readings are interfering with our sensors."
"So, this could be a trap."
"It is a trap. The question is-"
"Is it a trap for us. No, I don't believe it is… which means we really should spring it, and see what the Borg do."
"… You want to go interfere with Borg operations?"
"Someone has to. There're a lot of civilians in this sector counting on us to protect them; we can't do that if we're stuck in a reactive-"
"-and by 'reactive' you mean 'defensive'-"
"-role. And yes, that means I'm advocating attacking the Borg, rather than letting them attack us. That is what Q-"
"I must question the wisdom of trusting that… entity."
"I don't trust it, Q is just playing games with us. However-that means everything he says must have a small grain of truth to it. I say it's time to kick the Vole's nest and see what comes out. The current tactical plan of 'wait until the Borg attack something, then talk about maybe doing something about it' just hasn't been working. Maybe we can put them on the defensive for once."

BlipTV version


"Yes, Commander?"
"We have a proble-"
"Tactical cube on sensors!"

"We've done what we can. Get us out of here, Lieutenant!"
"Aye, sir!"

"… We've lost them, sir."
"There. Crisis averted. You were saying?"
"… that wasn't the problem. Sir, while you were onboard the cube, several drones managed to board the Brutus. We've hunted them all down-"
"Then I don't see what the problem-"
"Hhhh… Computer, isolate primary hull and magnify."

"… I see."
"We have no idea what they are. They're not broadcasting anything, they're just… tapped into the main power grid. They're not draining power, though-not a noticeable amount, anyway."
"Then once again, I fail to see the problem. We'll simply remove them the next time we're back at Starbase-"
"Sir, they could be some sort of dispersal tool for the new airborne nanoprobes the Borg were working on. They could assimilate everyone on the Brutus in one fell swoop. If we try to remove them, we could infect any Starbase we visit."
"Commander, put the ship on full lockdown. Until we're able to determine what those… things are, we're to follow quarantine procedures. Nobody is to board or leave the Brutus until further notice."
"Understood, sir. The crew won't be happy about this. Maybe Commander Temujin-"
"Commander Temujin will be indisposed. I'll need his assistance to create a response plan, in case the worst comes to pass."
"Sir, I could-"
"I'll need your help too, Janzer… I'm afraid I'm going to be running the crew ragged over the course of the next few days while we see what we can do about those Borg… things. I suspect it'll be better to keep them occupied. If nothing else, it'll keep their minds off of-"
"Understood, sir."
"Thank you, Commander."