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Part 94: Tier 4 Starship Vote Results

Voting is over, we have a winner!

USS Brutus
NCC 128713

Vote Tally:
Ship Type:
40 vote for assault cruisers
3 vote for star cruisers
8 votes for advanced escorts
1 votes for fleet escorts
1 votes for reconnaissance science vessels
0 votes for deep space science vessels
4 votes with no class or ship specified

Ship Class:
36 votes for the Sovereign
4 votes for the Cerberus
4 votes for the Prometheus
3 votes for the Sovereign (with Noble nacelles)
2 votes for the Emissary
1 or less votes for everything else

Ship Name:
29 votes for USS Brutus (Thanks, um... I'm going to have to do some digging)
5 votes for USS Saren
2 votes for USS Enkidu
1 vote or less for everything else