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Part 93: Tier 4 Starship Vote

Wesley had absolutely nothing to do with the Omega Molecule, so it's not all his fault. Just mostly.

Good news (again), everyone!

Korvat is currently level 39 and I'm almost out of footage due to nearly everything else being Admiral-tier stuff, which means I'm going to have to do quite a bit of grinding to get to the next ship tier. Wait, that's not good news at all, is it?

Anyway, since I only have one or so more episode to record, it's time to decide on a new ship (you won't see it in use until after Video 48 or so, but that gives you plenty of time to vote for what to pick). So, here's some base info with some handy pictures. Again.

This time, I promise I'm not biased against anything. Except for Fleet Escorts, Deep Space Science Vessels, and Star Cruisers. Seriously, fuck those things.

PoptartsNinja's opinion:
Assault Cruiser:
It's a tank. Tanks have guns. The Sovereign has a lot of guns.

Star Cruiser: Aquaman summoned them from the blackest depths of Fluidic Space to... bump into things.

Advanced Escort: No multi-vector assualt mode makes everyone a sad panda, BUT the Phoenix et-all are still pretty damned good if you don't mind exploding every time you spot a Borg Cube.

Fleet Escort: Best known for causing a lot of pre-launch QQ-ing on the STO forums when the name "Dervish" was picked in a "let the players pick the name" contest over such gems as the Rapemobile Class or the iconic HOLY SHIT THIS ISN'T STAR TREK Class, this ship class is pretty much responsible for ensuring that Cryptic will never take their forums seriously ever again.

Reconnaissance Science Vessel: I don't have anything to say about these. At least they're better than the...

Deep Space Science Vessel: SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! They're not awful, but... ok, they ARE awful. The DSSV was originally designed to be sorta an upgraded Oberth class. Unfortunately they fail to approach the Oberth's level of Trek-ness and instead look like dumpy pieces of shit. Set phasers to vibrate!

The Crew's Opinion:
Assault Cruiser
"It uses forcefields instead of windows. Our ships lose power at the drop of a hat, and it uses forcefields for windows. DO THE MATH!"
"... It's like some True Way ship designer's impossible dream made real. By people he hates."

Star Cruiser
"It's big. That means I don't have to go anywhere near a window. I like it."
"Do I get to help pick? ... Aww."

Advanced Escort
"Woo-hoo, set phasers to deep fry!"
"I've always wanted to see the inside of a Prometheus."

Fleet Escort
"Why do I suddenly feel the urge to say 'woo-hoo, set phasers to deep fry'?"
"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... ha HAHAHAHA! Oh man, that one totally looks like Grand Nagus Zek!"

Reconnaissance Science Vessel
"Too. Many. SYLLABLES!"
"What, just because a Trill named Dax wanted to be on a Luna that makes it my lifelong ambition? ... Hhhh it's always been my lifelong ambition to be a crewman on a Luna. Pleeeeease?!"

Deep Space Science Vessel
"What makes it go? Can we make it go away?"
"Maybe I'll get to be a recurring character again if they pick a science vessel. Does that mean Janzer will return if they pick an Escort?"

What I'm looking for:
Ship name, Ship Type, Specific Ship. Responses of "THIS" with something in quotes will count for ship name only, so please specify if by "THIS" you mean "THIS NAME, SHIP, AND TYPE OF SHIP"; otherwise your favorite won't get your vote. I can't make assumptions here so please BE SPECIFIC! Thank you!