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Part 92: Tier 3 Starship Vote Results

Voting is over, we have a winner!

Wait, no. Something's not right! It's too... Janeway.

... That's more like it!

USS Calvin Hudson
NCC 910381 (I tried converting 'Hudson' to binary then to decimal to get our regestry number, but it's too long. )

Vote Tally:
Ship Type:
42 votes for science vessels
28 vote for cruisers
28 votes for escorts
5 votes with no class or ship specified (I believe 3 of these were actually votes for the Intrepid, and one was a vote for the Galaxy, but with no class or ship specified in the post I can't honestly make that assumption. Check your votes for hanging chads, guys!)

Ship Class:
39 votes for the Intrepid (or some variant thereof (but mostly 'pure' Intrepid))
27 votes for the Galaxy (or some variant thereof)
26 votes for the Defiant (or some variant thereof)
2 votes for the Gallant
1 vote for the Envoy (curse you, butts!)
8 votes with no specific ship specified

Ship Name:
19 votes for USS Calvin Hudson (Thanks, Ze Pollack!)
6 votes for USS Tekeny Ghemor
4 votes for USS V'Ger
4 votes for USS Marcus Porcius Cato
2 votes for USS Mata Hari
2 votes for USS USS Andrei Sakharov
1 vote for everything else