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Original Thread: It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Take this Yo-Yo! Let's Play Startropics



This game was released in 1990. As of right now that's 27 years ago. Wow! It was even made by Nintendo and it was only ever released in North America and Europe, though, the game never got translated from English. It's an action adventure game starring Mike Jones, ace pitcher and all around rad dude who got an invitation from his uncle, Dr. J, to come on over and visit him on C-Island. Over the course of our adventure we'll travel to various other islands too and venture into the depths of caves. Some might say the game is reminiscent of Zelda because you also have to make use of various items you find to succeed in this test of island courage. Now the game is mostly known for its copy protection and I actually purchased a cartridge with the manual and everything to show that when it comes up.

Along with my mainly informative videos I'll post various supplemental materials, such as scans of manual pages. Mostly stuff found on this page. If you wanna take a peek ahead of time that's fine, of course. But be aware that while the manual itself only spoils stuff up to chapter 5, the actual guides posted there go right until the end of the game. Just in case you're worried about spoilers. I'll only be posting relevant parts for each episode. To celebrate the completion of the LP I also streamed a playthrough of Startropics 2 that is linked to at the end.

While this game is old enough to not worry about spoilers, it's also old enough that many people may not have played or even heard of this game, so I ask you to put everything we haven't seen yet behind spoiler tags and avoid turning your posts into CIA documents. Thanks!

Preemtively Answered Questions

Q: Wait, I thought you only LP'd grimdark fantasy and shitty wrestling games?
A: Sorry, can't hear you.

Q: You know someone somewhere already did an LP of this game, right?
A: Sorry, can't hear you.

Q: Do you have bananas in your ears?
A: Sorry, can't hear you.

Q: I find the enlarged footage at the sides of the video disorienting, can you fix this?
A: Sorry, can't... okay okay. There's a little 4:3 graphic on top of the episode banners, that'll take you to a playlist of the videos in fake 4:3 in addition to the regular ones, meaning I can continue with my flawless artistic vision and you get to not see it.

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