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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 20: Chapter 7-3

Alright, so now it’s time to do something about Chuckles. But first order of business is to get the hell out of this house.

But someone texts us by the front door. I wonder who it could be?

This was a triumph. I’m making a note here, Huge Success.

Anywho, back outside, we need to go to this thingy over here, which you may recall was the box wired to the electric grate on the ground.

The answer being the unprogrammed remote control.

Well, we have that, as we’ve nonsensically been carrying it around. Don’t have the password, though.

The pass is over here, like five seconds away.

You have to squint *really* hard to see it through the game’s all consuming darkness, but it’s carved on the shed here. 8541.

Bingo. Take your remote back.

And ring up Chuckles, as he has been dumb enough to repeatedly call us and leave his number.

“I’m outside, behind the house. Come find me…if you’ve got the balls.”

Fourth wall, numbnuts. Anyway, then…

…I feel like Lex Luthor in that Justice League episode where he dramatically unmasked the Flash, then had no idea who he was.

For once, Vickie, you and I are in total agreement. She automatically disarms Chuckles of his gun, but bizarrely enough it has no bullets.

Well that’s it, game’s over, thanks for playing…oh, it’s still going? Shit.

Alright, so examine Chuckles’ smoking corpse over here.

I weep. You know, I stepped on that same electric grate with Vickie and it only knocked her to critical health. It didn’t kill her.

We’ll need to check his pocket.

It’s Namco. He’s a really big Tekken fan.

And grab this key by his foot.

Alas, we can’t get to Paloma quite yet as someone’s locked the hatch. Well, we did tell her to secure it.

So it’s all the way back into the house, downstairs to the computer.

Username: Killer.

And we have the password now, so…

Still only one hatch we can mess with. Unlock that.

And the password hasn’t changed from before.

As for the other stuff, the pictures are the same ones from the last time we were here, and the cameras are out, almost as if someone spraypainted over them. This Karson thingy wasn’t here before, though…

Thanks, Vickie.

…that does not look like Chuckles.

Who would have thought poor, innocent Walter Sullivan could be a crazy killer!? Time to hoof it back over to the shelter, then.

I’m legitimately surprised that Chuckles is still here and hasn’t mysteriously vanished.

Well, Not Gary’s cell is open now. We’ll check that out first.

He kind of looks like Jackie from The Darkness there.

Oh hey, a vent.

Sadly, this one can’t be opened with a half-broken fork.

Over here is…what the hell is that?

Yeaaaaaaah, I’d say that about sums it up.

Well, only other thing of note is back out in the hall. There was this door here that we couldn’t get through before.

It can be sprung with that key the late Chuckles dropped.

…okay, this place is a bit more nicely furnished. Checking out this thing on the wall…

It’s me making a fool of myself getting electrocuted. How meta.

I guess this all *kind* of explains Chuckles’ crazy sniping skills.

And a radio over here.

The usual background music is now replaced by something that wouldn’t sound out of place on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show.

Next we can take the suitcase over here. Wonder what it is…

Oh for fuck’s sake, no no no. We’re going to be pointlessly CSIing things again to progress.

Sigh. The thingy over here can be opened.

More first aid…

…yes, yes it is.

Taking this too. Yes I am.

We are now positively armed to the teeth. Could this game be improving? (No, not really)

Over here is what looks like one of Wile E. Coyote’s blueprints for catching the Road Runner.

Just slightly, yes. But then I would have lost all the fun of tripping them with my face and reloading.

The desk over yonder has a knife. We’re even *more* well armed. Vickie, you’d better use all this stuff to blow Karson straight to hell.

More goodies to grab. Thread…


COOKIES. But they’re empty. Still, this game is fucking mocking me.

I guess this will be Vickie’s excuse for refusing to take this with her. On the other desk…


Was…this wasn’t exactly a complicated plan, Chuckles. Did it really need writing down? “Oh, I keep forgetting, tie the victims up, *then* torture, *then* shoot them! Dopey me!”

Anyway, more stuff to take. A torque wrench…

And…wait, what?

Erm. If that’s the reason Terry decided to snap, don a scary mask and go after Hawker, it seems just a smidge of an overreaction.

There’s our Chuckles.

This will surprisingly turn out to be important, so commit it to memory.

And down here is our trusty lockpick gun. Sans a battery.

Well, we can conveniently solve that right now.

Combine it with the watch battery.

And with the wrench.


Lastly, we’ll need to yoink the cord out of the radio. That music was annoying me anyway.

Crap, that pretty much fills out the inventory. There’s a storage box out in the hall, but still.

And now…sigh…for more CSI work. Dust the magazines here for prints.

As so.

So Terry is the gun nut.

Back out of there and to Gar…Karson’s cell, check out the bars by the side of the door.

Dust. Scan. Go for broke!

And again for the film books down here. Spoiler: Karson’s prints are on these too.

Now for the sealed vent up here. Well, we have one very silly method of destruction we could use.

The land mines! Well, why not? Why not.

Don’t patronize me, Vickie. I got this one.

Duct tape! The answer to all life’s problems.

And the string attaches to that. Combine it all together, and…

Huzzah. Maybe now we’re finally getting somewhere? (No, not really)