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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 21: Chapter 7-4

So when we left off, we had blown up a vent with a land mine and a string. Yeah. On the other side of it are a pair of doors. North one is locked. West one is also locked, albeit easily pickable. We’ll come back to it.

South from there are some more doors, and a thingy on the wall.

Commit that to memory. Or don’t, the game will do it for you.

Scan down here for a tiny batch of pixels. Collect em all!

Well, you know what that means.

The dreaded CSI kit. Which determines that Karson has sprung a leak. Er, okay.

Through the door is some more blood. To save a few screenshots, this is also Karson’s.

Upstairs, check out this box.

I am officially in fucking Resident Evil. Where’s the square crank?

Sigh. Up north is where Karson is pretty obviously hanging out, but no getting in there quite yet.

And the plaque next to it…yeah.

Now we’ll run back downstairs and to that previous door. Pick the lock.

Inside is some stuff. A computer with the power disconnected.

Well, that’s almost clever of our killer. At least he isn’t using stupid usernames and passwords. Like “Killer”.

That was an okay game, but its sequel? Pee-you.

And we can yoink the keyboard entirely to shove it in the inventory.

Also a socket wrench over here, which is bound to come in handy.

South from there is nothing else of note, except this exit ladder.

…but the hatch is sealed.

The button to open it is…right here by the ladder. Thanks for wasting five seconds of my time. Well, more like fifteen seconds to write this out.

Through that, and…hey, we’re over here by Hawker’s corpse. The little square north of Vickie can be examined.

Collect em all.

Hawker can be examined too, but oddly enough turns up nothing interesting.

The rope holding him up, though, can be sliced with our handy pocket knife.

Vickie removes his hood…

Rest in peace, Garris. You died as you lived; a comic relief sidekick who was still somehow more competent than Vickie.

Presumably, he’s also running around naked.

I’d almost care if Garris had been given any personality besides having a thing for Sheriff Kate.

He has a memory card by his hand to put in the phone.

Thanks, Vickie.

“I’ve discovered the killer’s identity! Better encode my recording of it so no one can listen to it but me!”

Anyway, back downstairs and to this door we haven’t tried yet.

Oh hey, we’re over here by the cells again. There’s a storage box if you need it.

And the ladder up takes us to the front yard.

Chuckles is still over here, still dead. We need something from him.

Remember that thumbprint scanner downstairs? Yeah. Break out your pocket knife.

A fadeout, a fade in, and we have the best inventory item the game has to offer.

Back downstairs (again), to the computer.

Severed thumb goes in the drive.


Chuckles has a different username for this computer. It’s the “Totally not Blackjack Gum” brand he had in his desk.

The password being the year that was on the gum.

Now that we’re in, we’ll just go ahead and open that sealed door upstairs.

Or not. You might recall that we have various gibberish from the plates by the doors, but the one upstairs was illegible.

Backing out a bit, we’ll try the cameras.

Starting from Camera A…

“Still dead, and missing a thumb!”

Cute. Karson had a camera set up in his own cell, but it’s angled so as not to show the Wall of Insanity.

Two cameras. Er, okay.

And we can’t get into the last set of cameras. No, it probably wasn’t necessary to show off *all* of the pointless cameras, but if I’m suffering, you’re suffering.

Fucking encryptions, how do they work?

The answer being the decryption dongle we haven’t used in a while.

That goes in the computer over yonder.

And so it did. We now have a view of presumably upstairs.

Paloma notices us yelling. Nice of Karson to hook this camera up to webcam, or something.

Wait, that actually looks like the one room back in the house. But Vickie heard the saw going upstairs from where she is…oh never mind.

Well, Vickie is fairly stupid.

And we get a choice of whether to play good cop or bad cop with Chuckles 2. You know what, I’m long since sick of this asshole.

"You think that I'm going to let you get away with it? Free her, or I swear I'll make you regret it!"

Waaaaaaay ahead of you, Chuckles.

And lots of choices here, but we’ll only have a chance at one. Doesn’t matter much what you choose, so I’ll ask about Gary.

"The real Gary killed him when you found him in the house, right?"

Uh? Okay, Vickie, whatever you say.

"I saw the registrar's file on you at the university. Your recommendations for admission were really good. What happened?"

"The body in the funeral that her?"

One more.

"Keep talking. How did you..."

Yeah, she sure looks impatient. We’re winding this thing down (thank God).