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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 23: Chapter 8-2

So when we left off, Vickie had flashbacked to her boyfriend Richard burning alive. The game will give us about two minutes before she drops dead. Which really doesn’t make a ton of sense. It’s a flashback. You survived this, Vickie!

Well, yes, that’s a plan. Do that, Vickie.

I…who are you talking to? I’m not part of this narrative, woman!

Anyway, to the left of there is a sink.

Not that you’d have much way of telling, but Vickie is now holding on to Richard’s evil cape.

Turn the water on. Use the cape on the sink.

And we now have a soaked evil cape. Useful in a fire, I guess.

Now over to the left to grab this chain.

And this hook. Convenient.

There’s a big pipe here, but Vickie won’t burn herself alive for giggles, unlike Richard.

Tossing the cape onto the barrel fixes that problem.


Combine the chain and hook for a shitty homemade grapple. Dawwww, just like Gustav.

Grah. Must I do everything?

Poke the window open with the pipe.

You can click on the window until your time runs out and you die (like me), but the answer is the other beam over here. Click that with the grapple.

I weep.

So yeah, now…


Alright. Now we have another two minutes or so before the gas leak in this room gets to Vickie. Yes, there’s a gas leak, not that the game mentioned it.

Oddly enough, time running out here will not kill Vickie outright, but will knock her health to critical, then the timer starts over. Still annoying.

First the switch over here.

Which pops upon the windows on this side.

And another one over here.

Windows. This oddly enough still won’t keep Vickie from dying, though.

Over here is the doohickey from before.

We’ll need this in a second.

Over here to the pixel on the furnace.


Now the timer is stopped. Check the top of the tank here.

So now we have a code.

And the keypad.

That goes on the doohickey box. Put in the code D090746B2.

That pops the door. Downstairs…

And alllllll the way back to the computer room where Vickie was spying on Karson.


You can scan all the cameras, but the one we need is here.

Well, we know Hawker is in the kitchen, apparently making a sammich. Get out of there and back through here.

And all the way back to where we started. Oh, and remember that fire jet thing that had Vickie so freaked out?

Yeah, she can now plow through those like a lawn sprinkler. Maybe that flashback was therapeutic.

You may recall that the chalkboard here had a secret door behind it.

Oh. Never mind.

Luckily, Hawker didn’t weld the other door over here.

This leads back to the house proper. And we get a prompt to use our gun on the kitchen door. Do so…

“Hands above your head, James!”

But Hawker responds to this with a bum rush. Vickie gets off one shot, then is checked into the wall. Hawker woop woop woops off to the front door.

Well, over here we can spy what he was messing with.

I…okay, we’re taking that.

And the detonato…

There is a storage box right over here, but still, fuck you game.

I’ll just leave the pocket knife here. If I need that I’m going to be pissed.

Fire phobia? What’s that?

All the way back here, but Hawker has locked the door to Hernandez. Clever girl.

Well, there’s an easy answer for that. Combine the C4 and the detonator.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

K. So combine the soldering iron with the extension cord, and…

So a jog back to the fucking item box to drop off the fork, and I’m left with a makeshift fuse.

Use that on the bomb.

And click over yonder.

And that pops the door. Head on in.

Oh, there you are. Paloma mouths something.

Well, over here is an intercom. Flip that on.

“It’s Hawker who’s behind all this! He’s locked himself in the next room…and he’s armed!”

Yeah, we’ll get right on that. But first check the computer over here.

It’s a good thing I’ve inexplicably been holding on to this keyboard for ages.

Plug that in, check these cameras.

Hawker looks around and checks on his phone.

My god woman, what happened to your elbow?

Huh. I guess they did explain why no one bothered to take Vickie’s phone.

Yeah, we’ll be taking that.

And the good old gun icon appears. Prepare for the final showdown with Hawker…