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Part 95: I've already "handled" it myself.

So Stormfist then. (music)

This guy is talking about the royal palace, not Stormfist castle. We own Stormfist. There are no actual enemies left inside, just a few NPCs who are so, so mad that their dear Gizel is getting his ass kicked because... reasons, I guess.

People are saying that the gladiators initiated the whole thing.

This guy's okay though, just commenting on recent events. Also there are now dudes in orange instead of the boring old Godwin soldiers. Let's see what this one has to say.

Soldier: Falena wasted a lot of resources on this war. Godwin started it, and Sialeeds kept it going, so maybe that means they didn't really love Falena, after all.

Godwin has been a douche all along. Sialeeds, eh...

Next generation is shaping up nicely.

Girl: What does "died" mean? Why can't you meet people that are died anymore?

Thank fuck I don't have to have that talk with them, though.

They've always kept their heads in the sand like that, but deep down, I'm sure they realize the truth.

I'm gonna go over there and rub my sparkly victorious self in their faces when I'm done here.

Old Townswoman: I knew it would come to this in the end. This is our reward for following Godwin so blindly and never questioning what he did. And yet we got off lucky when you think about what happened to Lordlake and Doraat. It wouldn't have been unheard of for us all to be massacred and Stormfist to be wiped off the map, really.

Don't give me any ideas...

Gizel's sure to come back and save the day!

See, I was going to say I respect your conviction, and then you had to go and have a second dialogue box. Now I just feel myself getting dirtier every moment spent in your company.

Scary is subjective.

I know a certain smug douche who's going to find some of the things that are going to happen very scary.

We weren't conscripted, after all. We joined up of our own free will. I was sure we'd be kept in prison, or forced into hard labor, or even that we'd be executed!


We can't actually go there, though.

No one ever lets me cross this bridge!

But I'm sure they'll come around to your way of thinking in the end, Your Highness.

That's about all there is in the newer part. Time to head in and gloat!

Soldier (2): To be honest, I wish I could round up all of the Godwin supporters and shake some sense into them! But I know that would reflect badly on you, Your Highness, so I just have to make sure I restrain myself!

Don't hold back on my account!

I like to imagine she'd have sent Gizel to his room with no dinner before it came to this.

Townswoman (2): Lord Godwin was our leader until yesterday, so I can't suddenly switch my allegiance to you overnight! I do have some loyalty and principles, you know!

So... why were you following Godwin, again?

Boy: When I get older, I'm gonna join the Queen's Knights! I can't wait to grow up!

Boy (2): Childerich is the guy who won the Sacred Games, right? Is it really true that you defeated him?! That's amazing!

I sure am!

If they did, they couldn't possibly condone it.

I'm not so sure about that. People have condoned worse.

Townsman: I hold you in high regard, Your Highness, but I also have great respect for Lord Godwin. I just don't understand why it had to come to this. No one wants war or bloodshed.

You're a silly man.

I almost need to pinch myself to make sure this isn't a dream!
Marina's working over at your place nowadays, isn't she? She came back to visit as soon as the war ended, and told us so.
Oh, it's just such a relief that all that fighting's over! Well done, Your Highness!

The inn no longer has any plot relevance, but it's nice to come back and see the old folks.

Inn Proprietress: Well, well, well! Your Highness! How good to see you again after all this time! You look quite splendid! Seeing you again makes me all choked up inside!
Marina seems to be getting along wonderfully over at your castle. I'm so pleased!

If you somehow manage to lose Marina, on the other hand, they'll say something about how they haven't heard from her and they're worried... but of course no one could do such a thing.

Once he sets his foot down, you and your rebel army won't stand a chance!

NPCs can be so cute. It's like seeing a baby trying to stick a fork in an electrical outlet. You know it's wrong and bad, but you just can't stop staring. that just me?

But after Childerich became a Queen's Knight, things took a turn for the worse and I wanted to get out. So, to be honest, I'm kind of relieved that we were defeated.

This one seems to have a brain, though!

Townswoman: It seems that we thought more highly of Lord Godwin than he deserved. First, there were his shady deals with Armes, of all places. And then the fact that he deserted his own town. To think that we believed in him, and thought he was going to make Falena strong and prosperous...

And they're learning!

...some of them, anyway.

This guy's just partying.

Maybe there would never have been a war if Gizel hadn't won...

Asshole still had an army of assassins at his command. I think that was going to happen either way.

Why oppose him like this and divide the country into two with a war?! Is that really what you want?!

No, see, I'm stuck with this total fucknut of a tactician and unless I kill all the Godwins I won't be rid of her. I'm sure you'll find no fault with my reasoning.

Townswoman (behind the trees): What are you planning to do with Lord Marscal's mansion? Lady Rosalind is buried there, you know! You'd better make sure she continues to rest in peace!

Parking lot.

I'm also going to re-purpose the arena for sports involving a little less bloodshed and slavery, like maybe hockey...

...Actually that might make it worse. Let me think about this.

We didn't want a war either, you know! It was Lord Godwin! Er, I mean, it was that fiend, Marscal!

I dunno, I've met some pretty reasonable fiends.

Soldier: There are a lot of stubborn types over this way. Some of them are just impossible to deal with! The people over in the new town seem to be a bit more reasonable.

Given another couple of hundred years, they might have banded together and overthrown the Godwins all by themselves.

...well, tried to. I shouldn't give them too much credit. They are NPCs.

No, I'm pretty sure I understood his philosophy in its entirety once he invaded Poland.

Also note an un-opened chest! Apparently I missed it last time. It contains a Mega Medicine. Shame on me, such oversights could change the outcome of the entire war!

Townswoman: Why won't you speak with Gizel and try to resolve your differences? He's your brother-in-law, after all!

Why don't you kiss my princely behind?

I'm not showing off every NPC in town, but that's most of them.

Soldier (2): There are still some people here who support Godwin, but hey don't have the guts to act on it.

Good for them, if they want to keep their guts.

We do good work!

So much for never leaving me! As soon as he heard your army was on the way, he ran off like a little crybaby!

It's a very natural reaction.

At the time, I never imagined that I would be standing here again like this. Life sure is kooky, huh?

There aren't too many people inside.

If only he hadn't volunteered to join the Godwin army...

Some of these were around the first time we visited, but I cut them out because they were really boring, so all this talk about "that guy" is kinda pointless.

Then again I don't think anyone would remember even if I had kept it in.

There was some concern that they might join up with the Godwin Army in Sol-Falena, but they all just went home.

Even NPCs aren't that suicidal.

There's an exit at the back of Stormfist.

If we take it, we can walk to Hershville. Why we'd want to is anyone's guess.

Well, it certainly felt like it. Not at first, but it soon started to seem like they'd just come for fun! They sure knew how to party!

Also here's Estrise since we haven't been back since Shula left. The people here are even less interesting than the Stormfist population.

Boy: I like people from Armes. One of the guys taught me to play some cool new games!

If they're working for Shula, they must be pretty great people.

I'm not letting him fight any more, although I think that might have hurt his feelings instead.

Keith: I wasn't scared of the people from Armes! Nope, not me! I hope I can see them again someday!

Maybe we can set up some kind of exchange program later.

We're very fortunate Falena has such a great Prince.

You certainly are.

Sialeeds hasn't managed to get to Rainwall yet, so nothing new here. Let's head on back home!

That actually is some backstory! Not a lot of it, but a little.

Thanks for your patronage at Mohsen Number Zero Armor Shop! We live up to our name as the finest armor shop in Falena! If you can't get it here, you can't get it anywhere! Come on down to our store and see what we have to offer! Bring a friend!

More spam, and he's lying, too. They only stock regular items, not rare finds, so there are still some things you can't get there.

I guess I was against the betting at first, but it's helped our training -- Nick and Ax's especially. I suppose I don't mind if it continues.


One would think that I, as Commander of the Dragon Cavalry, would object to wagering on our most sacred training. However, the odds accurately reflect the skill of the mounts and riders involved, and they provide great incentive. It may be untoward for me to say, Your Royal Highness, but Haleth is indeed quite the bookmaker.

Not a single "We, the Dragon Cavalry..."? Who are you and what have you done with the real Craig?!

1. Frey
2. Richard
3. Yoran

hahahahaha suck it richard I am number one

It's not as if he'd care if it isn't Mueller sending the letter anyway...

I hear she's been Your Highness' ally ever since you founded the army. That's one tough girl! She's the first girl I've ever seen who doesn't fear the dragon horses at all, and she wasn't even born in Sauronix!


I went to see them as soon as the battle in Stormfist ended. They're both in good health!

We knew that, but it's always good to have several reliable sources.

Come to think of it, a lot of people from countries other than Falena have joined the Iodine in Hell Army. I'll bet if I interviewed all those foreigners and got their stories, it would make a really interesting article.

I think it'd make a lot of them.

Speaking of which, hold that thought!

Everyone in my organization is talking about those Falenan assassins. I'd suspect that they'd only pretended to disband, but it looks like the real truth is even more complicated.

No, that's... pretty much what happened.

You'd better come! If you don't, I'll make trouble!

Challenge accepted, young lady!

But first.

We didn't "gather here." It's just a coincidence.

You'd think that...

Well, regardless... I'd like to take advantage of this rare opportunity by doing interviews for a special "Dawn Times" exclusive.
So here's Question Number 1: What's the most significant difference between your country and Falena?

I'd say the similarities are more significant than the differences.

You might already know this, but I was involved in the Scarlet Moon Empire's Succession War.

I realized that no matter where people are from, they all fight for the same sort of reasons.

I feel the same way. Be it a Rune Cannon or the Sun Rune, great power always tempts people -- the Island Nations and Falena alike.

Oh... Hmm. I see.
How about you, Richard? You're with the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade, so you're from Zelant, right?

Huh? Zelant? Um... I forget!

Well, you must remember something, right?

Nope! Not a thing.

Um... nothing at all?

Well, I just really don't care about anything except Mueller.

I, uh, I see...

Uh-oh. Uh, Richard?

Richard: Mueller is everything to me! All I have belongs to him! He's the only--

Richard: ......

Oh, boy...

Mueller: You idiot! Babbling about stupid nonsense wherever you go!
Sorry about that. Whatever nonsense this moron just said, forget all about it.

Richard: ......


...Well! That concludes our interviews for today. Gentlemen, thanks for your time.

All right then, let's see what we need to do next.

...I can take a hint when I see one.

Bed, here I come!

Meanwhile, you should be watching this.


Aren't you happy?

Yes, yes, of course we are!

So, uh, why did you...?

What I do is none of your business!

So sorry, Your Highness!

All right, so I've given you the message, then.

W-Why, of course, Your Highness. What is it?

I want to talk to you about Luserina. Come here.

Hm? Um, yes, yes?

Well, she's -- how can I put it?

...She's doing really well. Actually, she seems to have forgotten all about you.

(no music)




Now that an imbecile like you is head of the Barows faction, I'm sure it'll fall to ruin anyway!


What are you doing here?

(no music)

Gizel put you up to this, didn't he? He doesn't trust me to get the job done?! Why that pathetic little--

If you can't handle it, just leave it to me.