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Part 24: Bonus Update: Quick Vacation

Right now, let's take a quick minute to bounce around a few locations of interest. There's a few things around that are actually pretty cool.

Our first stop is the Marrymore Hotel.

We're going to stay the night in their suite; it's 200 Coins, but eh, I can afford it. I'm rich, bitch, and all that.

...Even though it's a video game, I still like staying in comfort.

Though, he gives us a Flower Jar for staying here three times; 600 Coins for a Flower Jar. Yeesh.

And so, as per usual, we follow the bellhop to the top floor.

Do real bellhops act like this? I've never stayed in a place fancy enough to have bellhops. Can someone verify this is real bellhop behavior?

Either way, I give him a tip. It's just 10 Coins.

I will, you little weasel. So, there's a few different things we can do in this room; we can just sleep, there's an area to shower, and a bell on the table we can call our bellhop up with.

So, let's do that. He's essentially our monkey until we leave, right?

I'm thirsty, noble bellhop. May I get a drink?

Jesus Christ. You can buy the game's full heal item here, for 150 Coins. I'd like to point out they sell for 200, if you sell one to a shop. It makes no sense to me.

Either way, I now have seven of those things. I don't have a friggin' clue what I'm going to do with them all. But, we tip the bellhop again and decide to hit the hay.

The only thing we do this day is take a shower. There's a point to all of this (not the shower, the being here), then go back to sleep. Though, there are bathrobes over there...


I don't care, I'm upset I won't be gently caressed by the soft fabrics of the bathrobe.

Oh, yeah, Mario turns red after the shower. I guess it's hotter than the Devil's asscrack.

When we try to leave in the morning...

Wait, you're charging me only half the room price for staying over an extra night?

I don't know how this happened! I had 999 Coins just yesterday!

<Editor's Note: He may have foolishly spent all of his coins to show off this trick.>

Well, this isn't good. But, if we must become working men, then so be it! I have my work pants!

You'd think being Mario would help prevent these kind of things, though.

No respect, I tell ya. No respect at all.

I love how Mario just taps his foot impatiently as these two have a small squabble in the hall.

Mario points out the various amenities in the room. He's taken this role to heart.


The fuck! I didn't even get a single fuckin' Coin!?

Oh, eat my ass, lady.

...Are the other bellhops making 100 Coins a day? If so, why do they want my ten Coin tip? Greedy sons of bitches.

I'm going to stay somewhere where I'm appreciated!

See? That's the respect Mario deserves.

Look to the left. Is that who I think it is?


Next, we're visiting the Mushroom Kingdom Inn. There's this kid in the corner, playing his Gameboy.

Talk to him a few times...

Of course! It'll give people something to do when we're traveling.

No, I'll pass. All the help in the world can't make me not suck at this minigame.

There's now a Game option in our menu.

I wonder what it does.

Our last spot today is the castle itself.

It's not the vault over here we're interested in.

You'll never guess who's resting up in there.

I don't know if Metroids got loose in the Mushroom Kingdom or what, but I am terrified Samus is here. Places have a habit of getting blown up when she's around.

Jesus Christ, is she in the Mushroom Kingdom!?

I'd be willing to bet she's hiding in the Chocolate Islands. She's evil enough.

Finally, we're going to Toadstool's Room. There's something...Interesting here.

Searching this area near the fireplace gets us yelled at.

Good God, what did we find? I'm sure there's a porn comic out there that details it. If anyone posts it, I will close this thread.

Interestingly, we could do this before Toadstool joined the party. If we had, her grandmother bribes us with a Mushroom not to tell anybody what we found. In the original Japanese, players found "Peach's XXX" here.

This isn't really a secret; I just thought it was heartwarming.

I like that.

And so ends our mini-vacation. There are a shitload of Easter Eggs hidden in this game, but I think Samus and Link take the cake for the coolest.