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Part 27: Update Twenty Six: Jinxing the Dojo

Last time on Super Mario RPG, we arrived at Monstro Town and discovered the location of a new star. We also beat the hidden boss of the game and I nearly got wiped six times in a row; it was only five! Anywho, today, we're going to pick up another badass item from Monstro Town.

Today, we're heading up these stairs. I avoided them on purpose last time.

Oh, a Terrapin! What's he doin' in the dojo?

Monstro Town must be the relocation center for deserters.

How did Bowser get these intelligent, non-sheep, survival instinct equipped soldiers? Seriously, they're better than the dudes I was stomping in Super Mario World.

Man, loyalty is high in the Koopa Troop.

I love the way Mario turns to Bowser here.

And how Bowser is a wonderful motivational speaker.

Alright, so we've got some fights to do here. Mario has the Super Suit and Attack Scarf, which is adding +80 TO ALL STATS. Except Speed, which only has +60. Geno has my Quartz Charm, which adds +50% to Attack and Defense. It's like entering battle with a free Geno Boost. Bowser has the stuff I bought at the shop, plus the Zoom Shoes. He'll get something better soon.

I like to imagine the Sensei went out for burgers or something.

Sure, I'll kick your ass.

Honestly, you don't really have a choice here, Jagger.

So, Jagger here has 600 HP. Jump and Fire don't affect him, and he can't be poisoned either. His stats aren't bad, but most people won't have the stupid strong gear I have here.

The sole action Jagger took in this fight.

He shoulder-checked Geno, like he was channeling the spirit of the hockey-fight dojo.

Geno did not appreciate that.

Considering he got wiped out in two hits and the last one did more than half his health, I'd say Jagger's being pretty nonchalant.

Well, kind of. My equipment adds a lot to that.

Probably. It looks like he was probably napping in that bonsai tree back there.

Can you just imagine it? He's small enough, he's just chillin' back there with a little pillow and blanket. Maybe it's on one of the branches.

Or he's got a little hammock. It's just so !

Huh? Oh, right, Jinx.

Yeah, I'm challenging you.

If you have Youtube, I can show you.

So, Jinx. He's immune to all elements except Jump, and no statuses are going to affect him. Jinx has enough Attack to be dangerous (140) and his other stats are pretty good, too.

He's only got 600 HP, though.

Two turns to drop the Sensei. He was even easier than his student.

It's thanks to save states and, in Geno's case, tenacity and the willingness to get beaten up.

Oh, my ass, you green mohawk having motherfucker!

No, I wish to beat you into oblivion, you little jackass.

I oughta pull out your eyelashes one by one.

...Ah, hell. This didn't start well.

Geno Boost doesn't affect accuracy, but Jinx has gotten tougher. He has 200 more HP and 20 more Attack, just for the important stats.

Jinx hits like a motherfucker. Bowser, technically, has the lowest Defense here, but he has the highest natural Defense. What I'm saying here is that Quicksilver friggin' hurts.

This weapon, I think, is the most badass of Bowser's weapons, even if the Hurly Gloves are my favorite. It's just a ball of spikes that explodes out. It's so fucking metal. Just... So .

Even so, this fight with Jinx is nothing to worry about, if you've got good gear and are adequately leveled. He hits hard, but just keep your health high.

I will swear by the Geno Boost 'til the day I die.

I don't know if Geno Boost stacks with the Quartz Charm and I haven't tested it. I don't think it does, though.

Jinx has some cool looking attacks. If that had been someone else, it might have done more.

Jinx has Valor Up, too, just to be a dick. It doesn't save him.

Not one bit.

He's sayin' that like he's the one kicking my ass!

This is very true. Jinx does get kind of tough for this last fight, and very tough if you're not as well equipped as I am.

He's got 1000 HP, 180 Attack, 140 Defense, and he's friggin' fast. His elemental resistances are still around, but he's still vulnerable to Jump.

However, he now has Hadokens. And they fucking hurt.

And that monstrous Defense of his is definitely going to work to his advantage here.

These fights aren't hard, per se. You just have to keep your health high and keep on dealing damage. It can be a little frightening when he busts out those high damage moves, though.

I like these fights to go quickly, though.

This is Jinx's coolest looking move, I think. If this were Mallow or Peach Toadstool, I don't know if they would have taken it as well as Bowser.

I wish I had more to say about this fight, but I've pretty much covered it all.

I mean, I could keep rambling on about Jinx's little blanket or hammock.

Sensei Mario just doesn't have that good of a ring to it.

The Jinx Belt is awesome; it adds +27 to Attack and Defense, and +12 to Speed. Bowser's going to get it for now. It's a pretty worth-while reward for these fights, I think.

He runs out to change the sign hanging in front of the door. It's a nice touch, I think.

1000 warm up Jumps, you two! Then another thousand!

That "M" outside the door warms my heart.

But, we're done here today. Next time, we'll see about that star and actually progress the plot a little bit. Stay tuned!