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Part 40: Bonus Update: Casino Time!

Bonus Update: Casino Time!

Let's take a quick break before we start exploring this whole new world we found, shall we? Leaving the final dungeon is very easy, as there's a trampoline right next to the entrance. No, I don't have a shot of right now and shut up, I'll show it really exists next update. Also, this fits the tone of this bonus update well, I believe.

Anywho, to begin our quest to find a casino, we start back at Booster Tower.

We've gotta run through a fair chunk of it, too.

It's still populated with enemies, but I avoid all I can. It's just not worth it.

Alright, here we go. We came here to find this asshole.

You might remember him better from this picture, though:

Yep, Knife Guy is just hanging out around here. Doing what, you may ask?

He's playing with balls.

Well, I do believe it's over here, in your left hand.

And the asshole gives us useless garbage.

He gave me a Mid Mushroom once. After winning this twelve times...

Here we go!

Don't worry, I know where it's at.

On a side note, Knife Guy will give you a Red Essence eventually.

And you only have to win 100 TIMES!

Now we head to Bean Valley.

And back to this star pattern of Piranha Plants.

I need to get down this pipe, you bitch!

Fuckin' finally.

Need to remurder these Chomp Chomps.

Jump around here like a fool for a bit, until we find the sweet spot.

Ah, there we go.

And into this little side path that just opened up.

This place is new! And will only be visited once.

Little underwhelming, isn't it?

On a side note, those men are lookin' sharp.

This is one of the games here. Sure, I'd like to play.

What? Fuck no, it's slots. A retarded Swedish monkey knows how these work.

You could have mentioned that earlier, asshole!

So, yeah, slots. Line up three of the same symbol, win a prize.

I got three Flowers, so we won a Frog Coin!

But what if we match up the wrong symbol?

No, it's not a fight, but I would love that. I'd grind to level 30 here if it was.

Fuck no.

Didn't I lightning bolt your ass back to the last millennium?

Now, you're supposed to be able to play a game with him called "Look The Other Way". It's self-explanatory as how to it works. For whatever reason, this fuck refused to cooperate and let me play.

If he had let me play, if you win 100 times, he gives you an item called the Star Egg. Some of the star looking enemies (Zeostars and their ilk), do a little dance on screen and every enemy takes 100 damage. It's not particularly great at this stage of the game. If it did 300, or even 200, damage, then I'd consider going to get it. But, for that paltry bit of damage, I'm not going to worry about it.

Sure, I like Blackjack.

No, sir. Everyone knows how this game works.

Alright, here we go. Also, there's a unique animation here, and, being the .gif maker I am, I've deemed you all worthy enough to see it.

Yeah, it's very small and not really super cool, but it's still kinda neat that they made this. It's used in one location and most players probably won't even see it, without outside help.

Our second card, we get a five. We're up to eight now.

Hit me, buddy. I ain't gonna win with an eight.

Hey, hey, alright! Eighteen isn't anything to scoff at in Blackjack.

Ah, what the hell. Hit me again, friend.

No fucking way. Honest to God, I didn't reload states for better cards or anything. Just the luck of the draw.

Though, I will admit, I saved a state here, just to see what my next card would have been. I'm glad I did, as it was a 10. We're going to stay, though.

Losing doesn't net you anything cool. However, if you ever do this, pray to God you do not tie. If you tie, this asshole TAKES A FUCKING FROG COIN!

Hell no. I'm done here. I'm not a huge fan of this place to begin with.

This Bright Card is taking us valuable space in my inventory. I need to find a way to unload this thing.

But first, let's get our picture taken.

Cheese it, Mario!

Or not. Just smile.

Or do that. That works too, I guess.

No, that had nothing to do with getting rid of the Bright Card. I just thought you all might like to see it.

Abso-fuckin-lutely, sir! Sold! (Silver Falcon has just informed me if I turn him down enough, he'll offer Frog Coins. I have nearly 80, so I think I'll be okay.)

Well, I was going to say you're retarded, but that sounds nicer. So, sure.

His heart promptly gives out. A shame.

I liked my story better.

And with that, we're done here.

Tomorrow, we'll get back to the regular updates. I just wanted to show that off before I forgot.