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by Tobias Grant

Part 103: Pre-Intermisssion

Robot Roll Call

Hyaku Shiki Kai

Theme Song

Despite the name, I never thought that the Hyaku Shiki Kai was really that much of an improvement over the Hyaku Shiki. Best to just put Quattro in something better.


Theme Song

Never used it much since it's a grunt suit, so I have little to say about it.

Meet the Pilots

South Burning

Arguably the best 0083 pilot in the game. Unfortunately, I never had enough room in my main roster to really give him a try.

Katz Kobayashi


Chikara Shinguji

Haven't used him, so I can't really say anything about him.

Viewer Input

Broken Loose posted:

Shinguji is, like, the best support pilot in the game. The Blugar is amazing at snatching treasure and impossible to hit. Once he learns all his spells, I never go into battle without him. His spirit list is insane.

Jegan posted:

The Hyaku Shiki Kai is one of the better UC suits in most of the games it's in. In Alpha it has a 1-6 range MPC, max damage 4300, EN 20, and EN Max 290. In F 1-7 range, 4300 damage, 15 ammo. Gaiden it's 1-7 range, damage 4200, EN 25, EN Max 220.

Unlike the other two, you can't just dump it in the middle of the enemy and blast everyone with its best attack, but it does have decent P weapons that are upgraded too.


Pre-Mission Adjustments

Pilot Reassignments

Quattro is moved to the GP-03 Dendrobium

Burning is moved to the Hyaku Shiki Kai

Suit upgrades


HP | 13000 -> 14300

EN | 180 -> 306

Armor | 1000 -> 1150

GP03 Dendrobium

EN | 165 -> 187

Speed | 92 -> 96

Parts added:
Dual Sensor (+10% hit rate with all weapons)


Parts Added:
Dust Filter (A-rank on ground)

Booster (+1 Move)


: They're apparently all over this world... And people are excavating Space Era machines like mobile suits from them, apparently.

: (.........)

: So the area where Mechabeasts showed up recently is probably also...

: Yeah, I think it's a Mountain Cycle.

: (.........)

: Captain, I've heard from Ensign Kou that the Iron Gear has come near here to check out a Mountain Cycle in a place nearby called Kingsley Valley.

: (.........)

: Captain, would it be alright if we joined them in the investigation?

: A Mountain Cycle investigation, huh...

: Yes. My gut tells me that we'll find some answers there regarding how the world ended up in its current state.

: We still need to learn why Mechabeasts have started appearing now, too.

: (.........)

: We might be able to find a lead on how to get back to our own world, too.

: If we work together with the Iron Gear, it's much more likely we'll get dragged into fights we want nothing to do with.

: Mechabeasts appearing marked the moment where we can no longer safely say this has nothing to do with us.

: (.........)

: (.........) Lt. Quattro... We'll also head for the Mountain Cycle in Kingsley Valley.

: Captain...

: Our goal is to find our scattered people, and return to our own time. For that reason, we need all the information we can get.

: ...That's assuming there IS a way for us to get back to the Space Era, though.

: (.........)


: Yep. This gives us access to all kinds of technology.

: You seem pretty happy about this, Cotset.

: Of course, my main line of work is as a technician!

: Cotset, how long will it take to get to Kingsley?

: Another two hours or so. By the way, Miss, mind if I pay the Argama a quick visit?

: The Argama? What for?

: The Argama guys wanna check out the White Doll. I wanted to be there for that too.

: Who'll control the Iron Gear?

: Fatman, you handle it. It's all yours!

: Then maybe I should drop by to pay Sir Gwen a visit...


: (.........)

: I've had it up to here with gettin' dragged into Elche's fights.

: I'm startin' to miss life on the ol' dusty trail.

: (.........)

: Oh, hello everyone. What are you doing here?

: ...I could ask you the same thing. Where are you going?

: I'm going to visit Sir Gwen, to have him teach me more about culture.

: You're the captain, aren't you? I swear. You can't just leave your station! Culture and art won't put food on the table, y'know.

: That's my business.

: Hold it!

: What?

: Wake up and smell the coffee already!

: I said I wanted to dedicate my life to culture, didn't I?

: You're still going on about that...!?

Elche pulls out a knife

: !

: Hmph... You call a speedy knife-draw civilized?

: (.........)

: Aren't you the more violent one here? Huh, Elche Cargo?

: I suppose so... I'm more of an aggressive type than you, truthfully. But that's okay, since I work my hardest. You wanna try being the captain?

: No way.

: Oh, really? That's too bad... If you took over captain duties, I could devote more time to studying culture...

Elche walks off

: Elche! The captain is YOU!!

: (.........) Hey, Rag... Why'd you turn that offer down?

: (.........) There's no contest. Not between me and her, when all she thinks about is culture...

: (.........)


: I couldn't spot any fusion reactor in this White Doll.

: It doesn't have a generator?

: That's not what I meant, but... It uses a propulsion system different from ordinary MS.

: No wonder it has so much extra space in its main body.

: The chest section can hold an entire missile launcher.

: So the White Doll really is different from other mobile suits?

: Yup. This is all just my conjecture, but... There are beam-like rays which run across the surface of the machine... The machine itself seems to be moved based on their expansions and contractions.It also seems to be capable of producing an I-Field barrier, so it might be a practical use of it.

: What's this I-Field thing?

: It's a special type of field which uses Minovsky particles to disperse electromagnetic waves.

: Ahh, I get it. So that's what gives light bullets and light swords their shape...

: You catch on quick, don't you?

: Um... There is one thing that caught my notice...

: What's what?

: The White Doll seems to repair wounds it takes in battle itself.

: Nanomachines?

: Robots the size of molecules. They can be used for medical treatment, or to produce machines on a microscopic level. Just think of them as cells or viruses. Depending on how they're used, they could even be used to perform genetic alterations.

: So, the White Doll...

: Probably has nanomachines repair damage in battle to a certain extent.

: Huh... That's some amazing technology.

: (...Between its drive system and nanomachine-enhanced armor, the White Doll's technology... At the very least, it isn't technology from our time. Even if it was made in the future beyond the Space Era, was it the Moon Race who built it, or the Innocent...? And why was it hidden inside a statue like Loran said...? The White Doll leaves too many unanswered questions. We don't even know the full extent of what it can do yet... If this MS were to unleash its full capabilities... What would happen?)

: Lieutenant Amuro...?

: Loran, I'm interested in the White Doll too. If anything odd happens, let me know.

: Yes, sir. Thank you very much.

: Well, I'll take care of its adjustments from now on, so you can focus on piloting it.

: (.........)

: At any rate, we've removed all the dirt that was caked inside of its thighs...

: Yeah, there turned out to be vein segments in the back of its legs. That might improve the White Doll's performance, Loran.

: (.........)

: ...You don't seem to enjoy fighting.

: Is it not the same for all of you, Lieutenat Amuro...?

: ...There isn't anyone on board this ship who enjoys fighting, including me. But we trust that by fighting, we can change something... Yes... Just like you.

: Lieutenant Amuro...

: We might just be strangers to you and everyone on the Iron Gear, but... ...I hope you can trust us.

: Yes, sir...

: We should be in Kingsley by now. Let's start investigating, shall we?

: Alright, I'll lend a hand. I've done mining work in the past, so I think I could help.

: Oh yeah? That's handy.


: Legend has it that a spacefaring ship is buried here.

: A spacefaring ship? Like the Argama?

: Yup. If we can find that, it'd be a huge benefit to the Militia.

: (.........)

: Will we have to do the digging?

: Don't worry, we've got the perfect robot for the job.

: You do?

: Yeah, Getter Liger.

: Oh, that mechanical doll with the drill hand?

: (.........)

Diana starts to leave.

: Sis, where are you going?

: I don't want to get in the way of the work going on, so I'm going to take a little walk...

: (...Sis... You've been acting kinda strange lately... Did something happen to you?)


: (Kingsley... Here, long ago, I once...)

: !

: ?

: Wh-who might you be?

: Diana?

: Oh... Will! Ohh...!

: Diana Sorrel...... Wasn't Diana Sorrel, uh...?

: (.........) I've been very rude. I mistook you for someone I knew... I do beg your pardon.

: Hmm... Who's this person you know?

: A Will Game in Albany, in the Kingsley region...

: Hahaha, that's a good one. I'm certainly Will Game, but the Game family mansion hasn't been in Albany since the time of the founder of the family, the first Will, over a century ago.

: Over... a century ago...?

: And how would you even know whether I resembled the founder or not?

: Er, well... You see, I've heard stories ever since I was a child of the Game family, who took in a woman who came from the moon. ...I wondered if you might not be that very Will...

: Even if I was, I'm out here digging holes, and...

: Lily was calling for you.

: She said she wanted your help preparing for lunch.

: Loran, Jiron... and Chiru...

: Milady, who is this...?

: Will Game. I'm doing some excavating around these mine ruins.

: I'm Loran Cehack. I'm in the care of the Heim family.

: ...Pardon me for not introducing myself sooner. I am Kihel Heim.

: Heim... The mining family in Vicinity, Inglessa?

: Yes, sir.

: Ah, now I get why the lady took an interest in me when I was just digging a hole.

: (.........)

: What is it that you're trying to dig up?

: Ah, I'm using the diary of an old ancestor of mine as a lead...

: An ancestor... Do you mean the first Will Game?

: A spaceship...?

: Well, we're seen by the villagers as eccentric. Because of that, the first several years I searched for the spaceship, I had to do it alone.

: Wow... That's some tough work you're doin'.

: And did you find it?

: Sure did. You guys were looking for it too, right?

: (...Sid's story was true...)

: This is something my family has spent long years searching for, though. I can't hand it over to you guys.

: Um... Why did they want to dig up a spaceship to begin with?

: For what reason? That's...

: The moon... You want to go to the moon...?

: Huh?

: ...Good guess. I've ended up digging it up for the Militia due to the times suddenly changing...

: Wow... How romantic!

: (Will Game... You are not him, but you have certainly inherited his blood... This place bears the smell of the Kingsley Valley, where I spent time with Will...)

: Will you take my story seriously? Most people who hear it either scoff, or call me a liar.

: Eh, I have trouble enough just believing that people even live on the moon.

: Will Game... Please, continue your story.

: ...Lady Diana of the moon once descended to the Earth... She stayed for a time with the Game family, in their manor in Albany.

: (.........)

: Ooh, I get it. So they get married, right?

: Hold on, Chiru. The story wouldn't end that simply.

: Right. Other men had fallen in love with the princess of the moon as well. To address this issue, the princess issued the men a quest...

: ...She told them to bring her a treasure told of in folklore across the world... A feather from the Phoenix of Eastern legends, right...?

: Yes... The 'Phoenix Feather', a fairy tale famous in southern parts of North Ameria.

: And...? What became of Will...?

: What a downer...

: (.........)

: ...Miss Kihel? What's the matter? Your face is all pale.

: (I had to board the ship picking me up before Will could return, so I never knew... Once I returned to the moon, I was caught up in dealing with governmental affairs... With all the problems that cropped up in my absence... And just as things began to settle down, I went into artificial hibernation... ...Is this all I can do as Queen...?)

: (Miss Kihel... What could be wrong with her...? She's different from usual...)


: No, sir. Will refused to allow us to do digging there...

: But it's certain that the spaceship is buried there?

: Yes, sir... Astonaige found a huge metal reading there when he checked...

: (.........)

: If it comes down to it, we'll have to ask the Argama's crew for help... And resort to drastic measures.

: No, I don't want to make the situation any worse if we can avoid it. Let us talk it over with Mr. Will one more time tomorrow.


: (If I returned to the Soleil, I'd be able to take Will to the moon... But my wish was to live here with that man...)

Diana hears someone approaching.

: Who is it!

: Will Game...

: ...I came to tell you goodbye. You took my story seriously...

: Goodbye...?

: Yeah. The Militiamen want to use my spaceship for war. If that happens, I won't be able to go to the moon... ...So I've decided to sell the spaceship to someone else.

: You didn't sell it to...?

: !

: Since they come from the moon, they would probably know how to make it run, too...

: You mustn't! Right now, the Diana Counter seeks to use Black History relics for war!

: What gives you the right to claim that?

: E-er, well...

: ...I've already made my decision either way. I've got more of a chance with them than I would working with the Militia.

: Wait a moment.

: Your knowledge and my life's dream are two different things. I've put everything on the line to realize Will the First's dream.

: (...Is this how Will Game's bloodline always is...? Will journeys against my wishes... With feelings ever so slightly misplaced... But if I let him make contact with the Diana Counter, it could ruin his life moreso...)

And we're given a choice here, I chose to try and stall him.

: ...Will Game. Could I get you to think this over again?

: ...Are you going to get in the way of my dream too?

: No. Right now, the moon you seek to visit is trying to start a war with the Earth. What would Will the First and the queen of the moon think of a situation like this...?

: Well...

: What you seek to do could add more fuel to the fire... ...Before chasing your own dream, think once more upon what your ancestor must have felt.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: ...Alright. What you say makes sense...

: Thank you for hearing me out.

: Sure... I can put a rain check on my dream until the war is over. I wouldn't want to end things in a way that would grieve my forefather and the princess...

: I shall do all I can to ensure that never happens...

: I'll try speaking with Gwen once more tomorrow.

: Alright...

: (.........)

: Good night, Will Game. May tomorrow treat you well...

: Yeah, good night...

Diana walks away

: (.........)