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by Tobias Grant

Part 14: Post-intermission

: Yotsuya, about Dr. Nanbara...

: (.........) ...We've lost a good man. We have to make Project Aegis succeed... It's what he'd want.

: (.........) Well, with everyone here, I'd like to proceed onward with Project Aegis.

: Naturally, we'll head for the Titans' stronghold, Dakar, and take back the Macross.

: Mm... Yes, the Macross's reactor would be an excellent energy source for Project Aegis.

: What's the matter, Garrison?

: We've freed all of the facilities occupied by the Titans. However...

: Hm?

: Wh-what'd you say!?

: DC Japan has been... destroyed?

: Correct. It would seem they destroyed it after Titans forces evacuated it.

: I guess it would make sense for them to do that.

: The silver lining is that since we got all personnel away, there were no casualties... But all of the fruits of the research and development going on there have been lost.

: .........

: Still, Project Aegis is in its final stages now. As long as the microwave transmission facility on the Moon Cradle is safe, we'll be fine.

: (So the rest is up to the Lean Horse team that headed for the moon...)

: But... This means that the DC has been mostly destroyed, doesn't it

: Yes... By this point, South Atalia Island should also be...

: (...That's how it was when the Titans occupied South Atalia Island, but... No movement from Dr. Shu Shirakawa this time either, huh. Does that mean he has no further use for the DC? Exactly what is that man up to this time...?)

Scene change

: Yes, Mister and I are both helping the Preventers on Father's orders.

: So, are Rei and Sarumaru house-sitting in Mutropolis?

: No, Sarumaru's going to join Dr. Anzai.

: Dr. Anzai... Ah, that hot scientist lady with LTR that Sarumaru was nuts over?

: What's with that grin on your face, Akira!?

: Sorry, sorry. So, what's he going to see Dr. Anzai for?

: They're apparently meeting to discuss things related to underground investigations.

: Metal gear!? Underground investigations?

: Come on, you should know that underground forces like the Youma and Mycenae Empires weren't completely destroyed in the last war.

: Yeah... It'd make sense for them to target the surface now that the aliens are gone.

: So the LTR foundation's apparently begun investigations to learn what they're up to.

: And Sarumaru's gone to help them out at Dr. Anzai's request.

: I see... (That's right... The Youma Empire and Mycenae Empire haven't been destroyed yet... The underground is an unknown world to us. Even the Dinosaur Empire, which we fought before the Balmar War... They're most likely still alive within the magma...)

Scene change

: Chief, how's your injury?

: Taken care of with a simple parts replacement. It's no longer a concern.

: (.........)

: What's wrong, Tetsuya?

: ...Chief, you don't intend to see Kouji?

: (.........)

: I can't see Kouji or Shiro yet.

: (.........)

: Right now I have obligations not as a father, but as a scientist...

: Chief...

: The day we meet again will be... once peace has returned to this planet.

: ...Chief, I promise to fight with everything I have to ensure that day comes.

: (.........)

Tetsuya walks away after this

: Tetsuya? Tetsuya, where are you going!?

: (.........)

: Oh, Tetsuya... What could be the matter...?