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by Tobias Grant

Part 147: Post-Intermission

: ...I thought it'd make good training, but it was a mistake sending 'em out...

: (Jiron and the Irregulars never cease to amaze me... So they can repel direct Innocent attacks now...)

: Still, those Iron Gear folk have to pay... First my brother Gary, now my dear wife Greta...

: Then they'll need to go to a Bazaar to get parts to make repairs... All of you, listen up. We are going to embark upon a battle of vengeance! Therefore... taking the names of my beloved wife Greta, and my dear brother Gary...

: The Greta Gary will now alter course to head for Jop, and pursue the Iron Gear!

: (.........)

: We'll be stopping before reaching Jop... You don't mind, right, Director Biel?

: ...Then, could you please return me to P-Point?

: To P-Point...? Didn't it get attacked by the Iron Gear and its gang?

: That's why I want to return. Regardless of the director's position being endangered... I'd like to do some repair work, at the very least. Dowas abandoned P-Point, didn't he?

: Yessir, as you say.

: Don't worry. I won't run. I'll wait at P-Point for your return.

: (.........)

: Of course, that assumes you've beaten Jiron's group.

: Hah hah hah! You don't appreciate the Karas family's strength, Director. You may not be aware, but we got a powerful new weapon from Director Dowas.

: (.........) Then, you should have no problem returning me to P-Point, correct?

: Yes, sir. Hey, take the good Director Biel back to P-Point.

: (...Now that Kashim's started acting against our doctrine, I must contact Jiron and the Irregulars one more time... Here's hoping they beat the Karas family soundly...)

: Now, to avenge Gary and Greta! All of you, put your spirits into this!


: In the P-Point hangar. We found it while searching for parts to repair the Iron Gear.

: Cool! So you're putting three types of missile launchers on the shoulders and left arm

: It'll be heavier, but it'll pack a lot more firepower. Keep it on or take it off as the situation warrants.

: You've thought of everything.

: So, Astonaige, those extra weapons you wanted to attach to the Iron Gear, are those...

: Yeah, they're part of these full armor plans that Cotset showed me.

: I was able to do it as a rush job thanks to all these parts we've gotten ahold of.

: Some diagrams of the Preventer mechs and Gundams helped, too.

: Of course! You guys helped me round out my collection pretty quick.

: Collection?

: Yeah, I collect mech diagrams.

: What for?

: To get a handle on the Innocent's technology. If we could make our own mecha, then boy would they ever be red in the face. You get my meaning?

: Yeah, I get it.

: So, what happens to the Iron Gear now?

: For the moment, she's had enough repairs to move on her own.

: We'll have to find a Bazaar to scour for more parts to repair her with.

: We'll go to Captain Bright and get permission for that.

: Parts for the Gallier, sure... But why would the V2's assault parts be here?

: We did find this V2 at Zondar Epta... The Innocent were probably stockpiling things dug up from other mountain cycles.

: Then you might find the Buster parts too if you look around enough, right?

: Maybe.

: (.........)

: What's up, Banjou? You're looking serious...

: Ah... It's just bothering me that the Innocent have started attacking us unprovoked.

: You do have a point...

: It must mean that they've recognized us as threats equal to or worse than the Moon Race.

: Which means, the further we venture into this continent, the more they'll attack us...

: And if they mass-produce that flying Walker Machine, that could mean trouble...

: But our primary objective is to save Elche and Tifa from captivity. Fighting with the Innocent is unavoidable.

: And we've always been prepared to fight. If they want to start a fight, it suits me perfectly.

: Whoa, whoa... That's easy for you to say!

: But, I'll do it... I'm going to do it.