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by Tobias Grant

Part 151: Pre-Intermission

Meet the Pilots

Tron Milan

Birin Nada

Maria Maria

[Unfortunately, I couldn't find any decent pics of them on the internet, so their intermission portrait will have to do]

I've little experience with these three, although Tron looks like a decent pilot, and Maria makes a decent support pilot.


Pre-mission Adjustments

Gundam Double X

Weapon power increased by 200 (Twin Satellite cannon by 150)

Also, we technically have the Greta Gary, although we can't do anything with it.


: Yes... Though I've been having strange dreams lately, and getting headaches...

: (.........)

: But I'll be fine. After all, I was able to become one of the Innocent I've always dreamed of! And just like I imagined, inside the dome everything's brimming with culture!

: I see... I'm glad you enjoy it. The Innocent are happy to welcome you. And we must apologize for the crude methods used to bring you here to Jop Point.

: Oh, no...

: You and your friends were being deceived by a small faction of wicked people.

: I-is that right?

: Yes. We follow the doctrine of the Innocent... We seek work alongside progressive Civilians such as yourself... and build a paradise in this land.

: Me, a progressive Civilian...?

: You may not fully believe me right now, but... We can teach you everything about the Innocent's culture.

: Eeh!?

: Does that displease you?

: Certainly not! I would most humbly accept it!

: Then we'll start with your lessons today.

: Yes!

: But, before that, there is one thing you must do.

: What is that?

: You'll have to undergo a small ceremony.

: Metal Gear!? Ceremony?

: Yes. To truly appreciate the Innocent's culture, your heart must be like that of an Innocent...


The sounds of combat can be heard.

: A-aagh... The Iron Gear... Jiron... Everyone...

: B-but...!

: How can you hesitate!? Jiron Amos's group is stealing away our paradise...

: !?

: They're destroyers of culture!

: Aagh... Destroyers of culture...

: Now, fight! As a warrior of the Innocent, strike down the despicable enemy, Jiron Amos!

: (.........) A-aagh... J-Jiron Amos is...


: I've been conducting manipulation of her consciousness using sleep-learning, but she's shown a surprising amount of resistance.

: I suppose we should expect no less from the latest generation of Civilians... Such fearsome vitality.

: Quite. ...But she's shown more progress since I employed the enhanced hypnosis device.

: So we should be able to use her.

: I've experimented with mental conditioning for the Newtype samples we recently apprehended. The results are satisfactory... It should hopefully be as effective as my work with Elche.

: Newtype samples... You mean Rosamy from Fort Severn, and...

: Yes, sir. The results of our studies indicate a strong fighting spirit and incredible Newtype faculties.

: And how combat-capable is Elche?

: She's a knife-user. With proper suggestions to draw out that talent, her fighting instincts have been increased by 150%. The next time she awakens, it will be as with Puru 2... The birth of a loyal, powerful warrior of the Innocent.

: Excellent work. We'll use Elche to fight the Iron Gear.

: That will be quite a sight to behold. I look forward to observing Elche's responses.

: Biel insists that they should be the ones leading the times... That tired doctrine is meaningless now.

Someone enters the room.

: Adjustments to the excavated Newtype Mobile Suit have been finished.

: Isn't he...

: Yes, he used to be Biel's adjutant... Class 2 Director Dowas.

: Yes, ma'am. I didn't approve of his methods, so now I'm serving as Sir Biram's aide.

: Dowas, send Elche to the Irregulars.

: Sir!

: Hahaha... If the Civilians have any sort of emotions, having their old ally appear as a foe should shake them up.

: Also, send Caloon Cal with Elche as an observer, and have her use all necessary caution.

: Roger that.

: Meanwhile, we'll strengthen Jop's defenses...


: Kashim... How long must I remain imprisoned here?

: Imprisoned? Sir Arthur, you misunderstand... I brought you here in order to protect you from the Civilians' insurgency.

: You're assembling an army to suppress them, aren't you?

: (.........)

: Our role as Innocent is to see to the Civilians' well being. Intervening more than necessary just means we're ruling them.

: You are quite correct, but this is a time of emergency.

: I hear the Moon Race has begun a return to Earth...

: Yes, sir. They've dispatched an army to take control of Zora.

: (.........) But according to the records left by an Arthur Rank several generations back... Diana, the moon's queen, grieved heavily over the fighting between Zora and the moon.

: But this time, she came to lead that army in person.

: So Queen Diana has come to Earth...? Then we must set up an interview with her, to get a prompt ceasefire and peace agreement...

: That cannot be done. It would put you in danger.

: (.........)

: And the Civilians, having been stirred to rebellion by the Moon Race, want you dead.

: The Civilians... You speak of Jiron Amos of the Iron Gear, and the Irregulars?

: Before coming to this point, I heard it from Biel.

: (Biel... You're interfering where you don't belong.)

: The reports that the times are close to change truly gladden my heart. Kashim, how do you view it?

: Jiron Amos's group, the Civilians to change the times...? Preposterous. P-Point, where Biel was in charge, was occupied by them.

: (.........)

: Furthermore, Jiron's group has even set out here, for Jop.

: (.........) That cannot be done. I'll make certain that my men repel them away. So please, Sir Arthur, try to avoid any strange ideas...

: (.........)


: You okay there, Jiron? Caught a cold?

: Nah... Maybe someone's gossiping about me, somewhere.

: Yeah, right. You've got way too high an opinion of yourself.

: Rat Fever?

Some mechanical sounds are heard.

: What's that!?

: Is the Iron Gear still in bad shape?

: Couldn't be. We just finished repairing it!

: Then maybe it's Cotset's driving at fault...

: Will we even make it to Jop Point like this?

: What's wrong, Chiru?

: It's Cotset... Something's really wrong with him!!

: ?


: Wh-what the?

: Hyahahaha, aaahahaha, hehee!

: Wh-what's the matter with Cotset!?

: Like I know!? He suddenly started acting nuts!

: You guys! Don't just stand there, hurry up and hold him down!

: R-right!

: Hooohohoho, hoh, ahahahaha! Hyaaa-hah hah hah hah hah!

: It's no use, I can't hold him!

: He's gonna wreck the Iron Gear!

: There's no choice! Forgive me, Cotset!

Jiron knocks Cotset unconscious.

: Ooogh...

: Wh-what on Earth...

: Maybe it's...


: He suddenly started acting crazy...

: ...He's got the symptoms of Rat Fever in its third stage.

: Rat Fever!?

: So, uh... What is it again?

: Y-yes... That's correct.

: He'll reach the fourth stage, the one where the body swells up, in a matter of hours...

: How do we treat this?

: I'll have to administer a vaccine, but I don't have any on hand...

: Then where can we get one?

: A Bazaar. You can get one there.

: The Iron Gear's stuck, so we'll have to ask the Argama or the Freeden.

: Better hurry. If the Rat Fever spreads, it could be disastrous!

Boss rushes into the room!

: Wh-what's wrong!?

: Eeh!?

: Don't tell me... Rat Fever!?

: Is everyone running wild!?

: Uh, nope... Not really.

: We've got no time to spare, then! Send some units to the Bazaar that can cover a lot of ground fast!