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by Tobias Grant

Part 152: Mission part 1

: Just a little ways to go and we'll reach the Iron Gear.

: Yeah. We need to hurry back so we can give it to Max and the rest...

: .........

: We'd better get a move on, Guld.

: .........

: What's up, Guld? You've been awfully quiet for a while now...

: ...Isamu, doesn't it bother you that I wasn't affected by the Rat Fever?

: ...You've got the same luck as I do, right?

: No, that's not it...

: Okay, so what?

: The reason I possess abnormal strength and reflexes, like Milia...

: ...Well, that's...

: .........

: I figured it out in the Balmar Way, that my blood is half Zentraedi in origin... My father was likely a Zentraedi scout that came before the Macross fell...

: What're you talking about? Those guys are as huge as Valkyries, right? How could one of them wind up being your father?

: Look at Milia, they can live like Earthnoids through Miclonization.

: .........

: .........

: And that Zentraedi blood... is what drove me mad and hurt you and Myung...

: ...I thought I told you we could forget about all that old baggage.

: But, I'm...

: Don't worry about that junk. We're even now.

: Isamu...

: ...And look at Max and Milia. In a few years, mixed races won't be rare. ...Who cares how you were born, you're a friend to both me and Myung.

: .........Thanks...

After they finish that little Heart-to-Heart talk...

An enemy ambush appears!

: Unmanned fighters from the Innocent!?

: It seems we've been boxed in by the enemy.

: ...Then we'll just have to break through by force, won't we?

: Right. To do that...

: Head here. If we do that, we can escape from this airspace.

: Alright! Let's do this, Guld, Milia!!

: Right!

The Skill point for this mission is more complicated than for other missions. You need to do three things in order to get it. The first is to make it to the exit area in 4 turns. Only one person has to make it, and the only one who actually has a chance at getting there in time is Isamu.

after my turn, something appears to be wrong with Isamu...

: What's wrong, Isamu? The enemy's on the move, don't slip up now!

: I-I know that...!

After the enemies turn...

: .........

: Isamu, you're falling behind.

: .........Sorry... Go on ahead without me...

: ...Don't tell me you're...?

Isamu starts to lose control of his Valkyrie.

: Isamu, what's wrong!?

: Heheh... Boy, I must look stupid, catching Rat Fever on the home stretch... I'll just slow both of you down, the way things stand.

: Isamu...!

: I can at least stall those guys, though. You two get out of here...

: You think I'd follow that kind of advice?

: ...Bonehead... You're supposed to be the calculating one...

: Hmph... You must've reverted back to how stupid you were as a kid. Plus, I'm not about to break my promise to Myung. We're going back together.

: Guld...

: Got it? You're sick, so just keep quiet and follow my instructions.

: Tch... I don't have the energy to talk back right now or else I would.

: Good, don't get seperated from me. Milia, we're getting him out first.

: Roger.

Milia grabed the container in front of her (Which contained a Computer Core) while Isamu and Guld head for the exit.

A lucky Critical from Milia brings down the first enemy. I expected a majority of the enemy to go after Milia, but it seemed like they were more interested in Guld and Isamu. so only two or three of them went after her.

As usual for missions of these types, one of the characters will point out the destination at the begining of every turn.

It's important that you don't get greedy and get this container with Isamu. If you do, then you screw yourself out of getting the Skill point because Isamu wont be able to reach the exit in time.

Milia continues to draw a small group away and manages to kill another one.

Guld grabs the last container.

And Isamu just barely makes it in time. Step one complete.

: The Iron Gear...!

: We came to meet you! Did you get the Vaccine!?

: Y-yeah...

: Is the Iron Gear doing alright? Cotset came down with Rat Fever, didn't he?

: Well, for now I'm in charge of moving it.

: Bring the Vaccine quick, please. We need to give it to everyone fast!

: Roger that. Isamu, get to the Iron Gear.

: G-got it...

Isamu lands on the Iron Gear.

Enemy reinforcements arrive.

: Jirooon! There are flying Walker Machines!

: Again!? They just keep coming!

: That voice... It couldn't be...!? Caloon!

: Birin! You're still alive!

: Is that so wrong?

: What, is that someone you know!?

: .........

: Jiron, we're done administering the vaccine to all the pilots!

: Alright, launch!!

: So you showed up. But my goal is to take out the Iron Gear at all costs! Come on out, seperate forces!

: Enemies in a place like that!?

: This's bad! As it is, the Iron Gear can't move!!

Suddenly, the Iron Gear transforms and begins charging at a nearby Government!


Click here to witness the Iron Gear's Ultimate Attack!

: Hyaahahahaha!

: C-Cotset's at the helm!?

: H-he's out of control due to the Rat Fever! I can't stop him!!

: Then just let him do what he wants! We'll take out the enemies!!

: Hyaahahahaha!

For the rest of this mission, we can't control Cotset and we will attack any nearby enemies.

Milia continues to rain down death from the mountaintops while everyone else move towards available targets.

Cotset's AI is smart enough to defend against incoming attacks, so you don't have to worry about him getting destroyed anytime soon.

On the next turn, I noticed something. All of the pilots that were afflicted with Rat Fever start the mission with reduced Will. It's wasn't a major setback, but it was annoying.

At the end of my turn, all of the Governements are destroyed.

The Buran's in the river go after Max, which was fine with me, since he needed the EXP.

Milia uses up the last of her ammunition in a counter attack, but doesn't do enough damage to destroy him.

Cotset also uses up the last of his EN to destroy a Buran.

I continue on with my merry little path of destruction.

On the enemy's turn, the River Buran's all start to go down to Counter attacks from Max, but after Max killed this little guy...

Even more enemy reinforcements show up... and is that another Iron gear!?

: Tch, so my new boss is coming out in person...

: What the heck! ANOTHER Iron Gear!?

Fatman seems to recognize the person in the Green Iron Gear.

: What's the matter, Fatman?

: Elche!?

: !

: It IS Elche! Elche's here!!

: I-is she really!?

: Heeyy, Elche! It's me! Jiron Amos!!

: .........

: Elche, what's wrong? Oh, you must not be able to move. Hold on, I'll get you!

: Wh-what's the matter, Elche!? You're attacking in the wrong direction...

: Argh, I missed!

: !!

: Prepare for bombardment! I'll be sure to hit this time!!

Well, you hit SOMEONE at least...

: God Damnit!!

: really... Elche, how could you swear at me... Elche, you're not joking?

: You think I'd let a man like you live? I'm going to eliminate you!

: E-Elche!

: A man as terrifying as you... I can't let a man as terrifying as you survive!!

: Damnit, what in blazes happened to you!?

: Silence! Jiron, and the rest of you irregulars who defy the Innocent!!