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Part 169: Mission part 1

: .........

: You shall likely be put back into cryo-slumber once more.

: So I shall be put into cryo-slumber, then left to die a quiet death?

: Nothing so extravagant, Milady.

: Also... You're lying about one other thing, aren't you? This ship's course isn't heading directly for Ghingnham...

: .........

: We're not going to the capital city Sombold, but to the Ghingnham fleet.

: ...You are quite wise, Lady Diana. That is indeed correct.

: Then the one pulling the strings isn't Agrippa... It's Gym Ghingnham, right?

: ...Indeed.

: You tried to murder Diana once, why would you bring me back now? And to Gym Ghingnham, rather than the capital.

: .........

: I suppose you all intend to unseal D.O.M.E. from the Earth Cradle...?

: So they're here...!

: Alright, I see it!!

: Capture that ship. Surround it and destroy it's propulsion systems.

: OK!

: Don't let that ship escape, and don't shoot it down!

: They're trying to take us!? Not on my watch!

Welcome back to space! How long has it been since we were last on a space mission...?

Oh right, the last space mission was on Scenario 5 on the Real Robot route.

Midgard will stay still for the first turn, so you can catch up to him easily.

The Messela and WaDom escorts aren't much of a threat at this point except to Bryger, which is the only thing they actually have a chance to hit.

I was hoping to hit one of the Messelas, but Midgard support defended him.

I try to move as many people as I can behind the WaDom Wall to make it easier to surround the Almeyer.

The only ones who will follow Midgard are the Messelas, the WaDom's will just sit there and snipe at your units.

A Messela goes down to a counter attack.

On the third turn, an unexpected ally appears!

: What the heck, is that an enemy!?

: No, not at all. That's Caris!

: .........

: Caris...? The artificial Newtype that fought Garrod and Heero at Fort Severn?

: Are you in better shape now!?

: Yes... thanks to all of you. I heard Tifa got taken by the Moon Race...

: Y-yeah...

: Then I shall assist in getting her back.

: A-are you sure!?

: Yes. I came to atone for my past mistakes.

: Thanks, I'm counting on you!!

: Certainly... ...You can't extinguish the light of hope!

Caris and the Vertigo's stats.

Now that he's surrounded, now I just have to whittle away at him until the game decides that he's had enough.

Pala finally learns Spirit, so now it's less of a chore to get Garrod's Will up enough to use the Satellite Cannon.

The last Messela continues on to it's destination, leaving Midgard by himself.

On the fourth turn, I have a few units concentrate on the WaDoms since the Almeyer won't be going anywhere.

On the fifth turn, I destroy another WaDom.

After a while, Midgard eventually decides he's had enough.

: This seems to be as far as you can make it, Midgard.

: Checkmate. We'll be taking Queen Diana back.

Suddenly, a massive amount of enemy reinforcements arrive!

: That must be Swesson Stelo. A coward who hides behind others' influence!

: Hahahaha... You lowlifes should be grateful just to be near the Mahiro!

: Those are.. Gym Ghingnham's forces...!

: Greet...? Don't speak so innocently. You ordered me to be brought here, didn't you?

: The Ghingnham clan has to correct the Sorrel clan's mismanagement. That's our role, as a family trained as warriors for generations.

: Mismanagement...?

: Indeed. The Diana Counter's civilian forces can't conduct an invasion.

: Ghingnham! What I began was Operation Earth Homecoming.

: ...We can save that discussion for later. First, we must see to your safety. Midgard! Pull back your ship, and take the Princess to the moon!

The Almeyer leaves the field...

: S-sunnova!!


: No, we can't afford to go after him now...

: Gym Ghingnham! That white-winged Mobile Suit's a Gundam, right!?

: Oh yes, it it. And that looks like a successor to the GX-9900...

: You sure? It's been a while since you've piloted the Turn X, hasn't it?

: Yes... Not since the final war between the moon and the Earth. Swesson, I've kept you waiting. The plan will be E-Minor.

: Took long enough... Ah well. The Mahiro Squad will execute Plan E-Minor.

: Yes! E-Minor will mark the Ghingnham Forces' first battle! No Civilian mishmash compares to our 2500 year-old training traditions!

The Mahiro's then divide into two forces.

One in the top right.

the second in the bottom left.

I begin my attack, but don't actually manage to destroy any of the Mahiros.

On the enemy's turn, two strange-looking mechs come out of the Almeyers.

: It's just like a marionette, the way Gym uses it!

: It's been researched ever since it as excavated. Get to it.

: What's that Mobile Suit...?

: They called it Turn X...!?

: X...? So that Mobile Suit's called X too!?