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by Tobias Grant

Part 18: Mission Part 2

And so we meet the pilot of the Red Mech.

: Commander! The DC main computer system is collapsing with a virus!

: Hehehe... you won't get rid of the network worm I uploaded. It's possessed by the souls of children whose greed is greater than mine.

: Hurry and launch the anti-virus program!

: N-No good! We've tried everything we can, the virus is too tough...

: How could the dozens of security systems in DC HQ fail so fast...

: Shu...? You don't mean Shu Shirakawa, the DC's vice president!?

: Yes, Plus, it was set up like this to begin with.

: To begin with...!? Just who the hell do you think you are!?

: Listen well. I am she who is surrounded by dark, dancing crimson flame...

The Wind of La Gais

: My, if it isn't Yang Long. Did you come all this way just to see me?

: Your ambition will be your downfall. Now, what are you doing here?

: Isn't it obvious? I'm helping out Master Shu.

: Helping Shu!?

: You destroyed the DC HQ main computer system just for that!?

: My, such a cute boy. If your jealous, I could always "help" you later.

: S-say what!?

: Oh hoh, you're blushing! I just love the sweet and innocent.

: L-love...?

: (He must be the easily suckered type.) Irm, take advantage of this chance...!

: Oh, you're... Dr. Bian's daughter, Ryune Zoldark, aren't you?
Remember, Bian Zoldark was the DC's leader.

: Sorry. but I wiped the whole thing clean, including the Aegis backup.
This is a Very Bad Thing.

: What'd you say!?

: All of the data for Project Aegis...!? But if you do that...

: The shockwave would wipe the whole Earth Sphere out!

: How dare you... The Divine Crusaders was my dad's dream... And you just... You just picked a fight with me and Valcione!

: Heheh... You have as strong an attitude as Masaki. Well, my job is done here... So it's time for me to be moving on.

: Saphine, I won't let you get away this time!

Yeah, Yang Long has a talking panther.

It's Jaohm!

Oh, and also Masaki I guess.

: Oh, what happened to Cybuster? Did Cyphis finally grow sick of it?

: Shut up! I'll make you confess where Shu's hiding!

: Masaki, don't get too hot-headed, meow!

: Yes, getting angry achieves nothing at all, Masaki.

: Geh, Yang Long!? What are you doing up here, and with Ryune!? (Don't tell me Ryune's also...?)

: I'll explain the situation later. For now, don't let Saphine escape!

: R-Right!

: While I appreciate the welcome, I have no intention of fighting you. This Wizol was just modified, and hasn't been tested in real combat yet.

: Like we're supposed to care!?

: If you let me go, I'll tell you some info you'd really like to know.

: You think you can say that now, after all this!?

: Well, it's the location of the Londo Bell hostages, buuut...
Well, that is info we would really like to know.

: What'd you say!?

: No way... you know where Bright and Burning are being held!?

: ...Is that true!?

: Believe me or not as you wish. So, which will it be?

: Gr...!

So we get a choice between letting Saphine go, or not. Since this has no relation to the Skill point, I'll just let her go. I'll show off what happens if you don't let her go after the mission.

: ...Fine, it's a deal.

: Masaki!

: ...We can't just abandon the friends we fought alongside...!

: ... Ryune, Masaki's not sharp, but he's not dull either. this is his choice.

: Was that supposed to be a compliment or an insult!?

: Take it however you like, but Shu should show up before long... It's a gamble, but we may be better off waiting until then.

: (...pretty perceptive for such a stick in the mud...) They're being held at Aleg Base in North Africa. Now, I'll be off.

: Saphine... I'll let you off this time, but pass this on to Shu...

: ...I'll tear that false mask of yours right off your face!

: Heheh... I'll make sure to pass it on, boy.
and away she goes.

: Argh! At least deal with all the rebels! Send out all we've got!
Oh hey Bask, I had forgotten all about you.

That's all you've got? I feel sorry for you.

: Got it, Lt. Irm? Cooperate, if you want the hostages to live!

: What!?

: Ryusei, Rai! I've got Dr. kenzou and the others! You can do what you want!

: You managed to pull it off, lieutenant?

: Yeah, and I sent the Aleg Base tip to Banjou. They'll handle the rescue.

: Ok, Then we don't have to do what that baldy says anymore!

: Now to show them our gratitude for all they've done to us!

: Yang Long, Ryune! Lend us a hand here!

: I wanted to avoid interfering if possible, but that won't happen now.

: I won't forgive the Titans for using Dad's DC for their own ambitions!

: That cursed Irm... He planned to betray us from the start!

And after all that, we are back in control.

New status screens, also, Irm has a far better Gespenst than Ryusei and Rai.

but enough talk, it's Jet Magnum time.

Gotta love the Jet Magnum.

Next, let's give Yang Long a go.

It's a little hard to see (and for me to capture), but Ran Shao turned into a ball of flame and charged into the enemy.

Next up, We'll let Ryune have a shot.

In order to get the Skill Point for this mission, we have to destroy Bask. Unlike Jamaican who ran when he reached the end of the map, Bask will stay and fight and will only run when his HP gets below the 5000 mark.

: You don't get off so easily! here's some gratitude from me to you!

: Don't get cocky, you SDF leftovers!

[b]Missile spam works on everything.

A few enemies decide to gang up on Keith at this point.

Despite eventually getting into the red, he stays alive and manages to take a few down.

A few others attack Yang Long.

Who clearly has had enough of this shit.

A quick little mop up and we're left with Bask and a few grunts.

This coincides rather nicely with a visit from Kouji Kabuto.

: Mazinger Z! Is that you, Kouji!?

: Kouji... What are you doing here!?

: I followed Masaki, though I wasn't expecting him to head straight here.

: ...You can thank Garrison for that, meow.

: Looks like you guys have a mess on your hands. I'll help you out!

[b]Kouji won't be seeing much action in this fight, since he came in so late.

Now for Bask.

A double helping of Slash Ripper to start us off.

I had Hikaru grab the last box,

And let Yang Long finish up.

Fuck yeah!