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Part 201: Mission part 1

: If he has that many forces... There must be some nice treasure buried here.

: He must be tryin' to get that to make his own forces stronger, right!? Now that we're here, he isn't gonna get a damned thing!

: Why aren't Ryou and the others launching in Dragon?

: Because Dragon's Getter reactor suddenly stopped working, it seems...

: Say what...?

: Listen! We're going to keep them from occupying the Lost Mountain! We fail if even so much as one of them gets to that entrance!

: Keep the Mountain Cycle out of their hands at all costs!

: Roger!

: Just keep the enemy away from there, right?

: I'll show you again. I swear, pay attention, geez.

He points it out again.

: Okay... Got it!

: All units, take out the enemy and hurry to the destination!!

To get the Skill Point for this mission, you have to destroy the Myceros.

Puru 2 in the Super Gundam starts us off.

In the thread people requested that I use Dai-tank and split Dancouga, but first I wanted to move them a little closer since this map has alot of mountain terrain, which is difficult for ground units to navigate through.

Everyone gets used to their new mechs.

The enemies turn passed without much of note, only about half of them actually moved, and even less than that bothered to attack.

On the second turn, I split Dancouga, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the results.

Burning finishes one off.

Dai-tank's cannon has an impressive range, but the power is rather weak.

Katz misses on his attempt to finish the enemy off.

Luckily, Fa destroys it with a Support attack.

And thanks to Gain, he gets some massive EXP from it.

Masato is the last of the Dancouga team to go.

Sochie recieves the same Gain treatment that Katz got.

Fa takes some heavy damage from a counter attack.

Quattro finishes his attack and my turn ends.

: That's... the Light Beast Pikudrone!?

: You've gotta be kiddin'! Something like THAT was left buried here!?

: Now, Pikudrone! Finish them!!

Fa counterattacks with her Fin Funnels.

The team I sent to guard the entrance (Harry, Amuro, Keith) has finally arrived.

A few attacks later...

The Myceros is completely surrounded! I'm ignoring the Pikudrone for now, since trying to destroy it at this point will be a huge drain on my resources thanks to it's large HP regen.

Besides, there's plenty of other enemies I need to destroy.

Here's how things look on the enemies third turn.

Burning counters with an IF Bunker.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but Tetsuya has been support defending against every attack aimed at Fa. If it weren't for him, she'd be dead by now.

Fa uses up the last of her EN, she's effectively useless now.

I kill a few more grunts.

The defense team finally sees some action.

Now it's time to take the fight to the Myceros. Unfortunately, it's going to take a while since he defends against every attack.

: You'll fall prey to the Battle Beast Army before you find that out!

: Go ahead and try! I'll smash you up good before you can!

Fortunately, Gorgon didn't run when his health went into the red.

Now let's see what Fatman has to say about the ICBM Toss.

Well... it's better than nothing.

In any case, Tetsuya finishes him off.

Fuck yeah!

The Myceros pops back up.

: The Myceros can still move!?

: Tch... That's one tough nut to crack!

: Damn humans...! I'll have to force my way through with the Myceros!!

The Myceros moves next to the Mountain Cycle, and explodes.

: Wh-what's his problem... He blew himself up!?

: No, he went into the hole created by the explosion.

: What could be sleeping there that he's so desperate to get...?

: Damn, I've got no choice! I'm going after Gorgon!

Suddenly... The Earth begins to shake!

: !!

: J-just now... that was...!?

: An earthquake!?

: Not quite! Earthquakes don't let out such load roars!

: Don't tell me we've gotta deal with another Gilgilgan!?

: ...N-no... It's not that...

: What's wrong, Kouji!?

: Th-this is... This reading is unmistakeable...!

: Y-yeah... I've confirmed it for myself...!

: What the heck are you talkin' about!?

...Well shit.