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Part 207: Mission part 1

: So don't screw this up, or the Innocent won't pay us a dime!

: Yer takin' a cut of the pay either way, aren't ya?

: Oh, wouldn't you rather have youth than money anyway?

: You've got no room to talk about that. Give it another 10 years, girlie.

: Aren't you off by around 20 years?

: unlike you, I've learned what a woman's happiness is.

: Don't remind me, Geraba. I'm well aware.

: But keep your chin up! We'll be stuck like this if we don't shape up!

: Tch... All you're rally worried about is Elche getting taken back.

: Gawd, do you ever shut up!?

: Quit whining, Poe! We can't afford to be beaten here!!

: ......... No, Lt. Cmdr Phil... This could very well be out just desserts. For what we did to Diana... For losing sight of our path...

: ........!

: You should know the people of the Soliel are not villainous men.

: It's already too...

: Commander Bright, could I ask you to save them?

: B-but... What they did to you was...

: It was my immaturity that caused it. They would surely sympathize now.

: ...Alright.

: All units, launch!!

: !? The Iron Gear crew!?

: Th-the Ra Cailum...!

: W-we're caught in a pincer attack...!

:: !

: Leave this place to us, and withdraw at once.

: ...! ...Th... that's... no doubt about it, that's... Lady Diana!!

: Sh-she's come to save us...

: .........

: ......Pulling back!

The remaining Diana Counter forces withdraw.

: Our prize catch got away!

: To me, Jiron and pals are more of a catch.

: Fine, then just take down the white ship! Forget about the rest!!

: You don't have to tell me! That's the only way to get Elche back!

: Captain, we've got a message from the infirmary!

: What is it?

: Begun treatment...? Aren't Amuro and Puru 2 deployed in battle?

: Y-yes... But I got word from Dr. Tex that treatment has begun...

: .........

: All units! Elche's treatment has begun, so this ship can't move!

: Elche's treatment has begun...!?

: What's going on!?

: We just have to keep enemies away from the Ra Cailum until it's done!?

Right off the bat, I find another Haro lying around in a Mountain Cycle.

Here are the stats for the R-1 Custom, one of my favorite mechs in the entire game. I've been looking forward to this thing more than I had Shin Getter and MazinKaiser.

It also has one of my favorite themes in the game.

I'm gonna have to post a video of it's attacks, because they're fantastic

As you may have guessed, this is a gimmick mission. You must keep the Ra Cailum from getting hit. Most of the enemies will move past your units and ignore them, while a few others will attack on their way (These ones usually die first.)

At the beginning of the second turn, Greta goes down.

MazinKaiser and Shin Getter cause some havoc.

You can see here that my plan is to lead the Landships into an encirclement trap by using their AI against them. They'll head to the hole I have in the wall since it's the fastest way to the Ra Cailum, essentially surrounding themselves.

Ryusei continues being awesome, and my turn ends.

Caloon goes up against Garrod, and loses.

Burning lands a counter attack.

Garrod also uses the G-bits.

Before I forget, the bug that gave me a massive amount of Buster Rifle shots got fixed once I got the G-bits. It was nice while it lasted...

He may no longer be in a Gespenst, but that won't stop him from punching everything in sight.

Just pictures of giant robots being awesome.

: Quiet! The Innocent entrusted me this Landship to me! If I beat you guys, I can name my reward! And I'll have Elche all to myself!

: We're trying to save her right now, you're getting in the way!!

Unfortunately, I couldn't completely surround them.

Fokker kills a Landship with a counter attack.

The others almost escape my entrapment.

More loot.

Shin Getter 2 uses it's strongest attack.

Got them surrounded!

Burning destroys a Landship.

I also bring Hola down to very low health. However, I don't want to kill him just yet, since killing him will spawn the second wave of enemies, and I'm not quite ready for them yet.

Instead, I send everyone I can up north.

I grab the last item for the stage while I'm at it.

After a few turns of movement...



Here is a video of the R-1 Custom's attacks. Warning! the related videos may contain spoilers!