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by Tobias Grant

Part 21: Robot Roll Call 4


VF-1 Valkyrie

Theme Song (Hikaru, Fokker)
Theme Song (Max, Miria, Kakizaki)

The Valkyrie is a decent unit, since it's small size and high speed make it hard to hit. It's major downsides is it's small health and low damage output. The Valkyrie can change into three different forms, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Fighter can fly and has the highest movement of the three, Gerwalk can hover over water and is slightly faster than the fighter, and Battloid has stronger attacks than the others, but is slow and is stuck on the ground

Gespenst MK-II

Theme Song

Everyone's favorite Personal Trooper only appears in 2 or three missions in the beginning, and if you're on the Hard route, has a few appearences in the mid-game, and it's a shame that it's rather useless in comparison to other mechs in the game.

GM Quel

Theme Song
Like all grunt suits, the GM Quel is useless in this game.


Theme Song

Havn't used him (or the other Masoukishin units, fot that matter) very much, but he seems to be a solid unit, judging by his performance in the last mission.


Theme Song

Like the other Masoukishin suits, it seems to be a solid unit to use. Ryusei's OTP.

Mazinger Z

Theme Song

Mazinger Z is a great unit, and will likely stay on my team for a long time.

Diana A

Theme Song

Diana A shares the same faults as the Venus. In that there are better units that share the same support role as her.


Skull Squadren (Hikaru Ichijo, Roy Fokker, Maximillian Jenius, Miria Fallyna Jenius, Hayao Kakizaki)

The only Macross Pilot I really used was Fokker, so I can't really say anything on the others. Fokker is a beast though.

0083 squad (Kou Uraki, Chuck Keith, Bernard Monsha)

I've never used any 0083 pilots, so I have nothing to say about them.

SRX team (Ryusei Date, Raidiese F. Branstien)

Rai won't be staying with us throughout the game, but Ryusei is pretty awesome, thanks to him having both Guts and Psychic.

Irmgalt Kazahara

Much like Rai, he won't be staying with us throughout the game.

Yang Long Hwang, Ryune Zoldark

Much like my usage of the Masoukishin units, I have limited experience with their Pilots.

Kouji Kabuto

Kouji, much like Mazinger Z, is awesome and will stay in the main team for the entire game.

Sayaka Yumi

I won't be using Sayaka much so there's nothing I can really say about her.

Viewer Input

ImpAtom posted:

You really missed out by not using Max and Miria. They are incredibly ridiculously good pilots. They're basically, by far, the best pilots in the setting, and this carries over to the games by making them basically gods.

Dazzling Addar posted:

The 0083 pilots are generally fairly average in stats. They're not newtypes or even really aces, so they don't excel, but they're not bad and Kou gets some powerful mobile suits later. Hikaru, Max, and Millia are all excellent pilots through and through, Max being pretty much the best macross pilot in the history of the franchise. Fokker is also great (and gets better at piloting when drunk), Kazizaki... does not belong in something as flimsy as a valkyrie. I can't remember if you get a Destroid Monster in Gaiden, but if you do that's definitely where he goes.

Ryune and Yang Long, if I recall, are generally solid all around but don't have any really outstanding features either way except unique machines.