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Part 214: Mission part 4

Black History

As much as I would like to go over and kick Gwen's traitorous ass, the strict time plus the fact that he won't move means I'm going to have to ignore him and concentrate on Ghingnham.

In addition to a Mahiro, I destroy the second Adrastea and one of the Bandits near Marybell.

: Just like we're afraid the Innocent could steal Zora from us... You're afraid of the Earth's people, aren't you!? So you took it out on us!!

: What!?

: We won't be ruled anymore! We'll live how we want to live!!

I have Jiron defend against the oncoming attacks, which put him into the red.

The Adrastea reinforcements have caught up with us.

Marybell has been defeated.

The Mahiro's soon follow.

Here's where we stand on the end of the fourth turn.

Jamil manages to avoid Ghingnhams attack...

...Only to be shot down by a supporting Zanneck

We're at the half-way mark for the mission, while it may look like we're in the clear, it's best not to let down your guard, Since Ghingnham is a tough boss.

Midgard goes down like a chump.

Three of the Zannecks supporting Ghingnham are also destroyed.

And that' the end of the fifth turn.

: That's proof you're alive! Battle allows people to appreciate life!

: Would Katejina or those who've also died accept that egotistical reasoning!?

Usso dodged Ghingnham, but takes a Zanneck shot head on.

Now Ghingnham is entirely without support.

As you already know by now, the Turn X has Large HP and EN regen, so you HAVE to do more than 30% of it's health in damage every turn, otherwise you will just be wasting resources.

: That's just being an animal... Mankind adds to their own history.

That was Loran's now Beam Drive Unit attack.

: The Earth's civilization just might make it out alive!

: Is that so!?

: Not destroying... Reviving! A world filled to the brim with battle!!

: That's just semantics! If you like fighting that much, do it by yourself!!

Just want to remind you that MazinKaiser has the highest Armor rating out of my entire roster

The usual strategy with bosses still works, drain him of his EN, than go to town. Just make sure that you keep on the attack or else he'll just heal all of the damage away.

: Once you, the idol, are gone, I can paint this world red with battle!!

: I carry on his wishes! I shall not allow a repeat of the Black History to occur!

Tried to save some of the Soliel's EN here and used the AA guns. wasn't really expecting anything out of it though.


Once you get him to around 60% of his health...

...This happens, and he restores his HP and Will back to full. He only does this once though, so after this scene, hold nothing back.

Usso got shot down during Ghingnham's turn. Luckily, the V2 has a core fighter, so he's still in the game.

He's even still useful, since I can help drain the Turn X of it's EN.

As a safety precaution, I have Tifa use Love and bring everybody back up to full health.

: Before we were even born! And you call yourself an adult!? I'm not going to let people like you destroy our future!!

: Without destruction, you can't create a new age!!

: I'm not about to let you repeat the mistakes of the Black History!!

: I'll get rid of the outside forces distorting our history!

After a grueling fight, The end is in sight.

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