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by Tobias Grant

Part 215: Post-Intermission

: And the diffusion of the Moonlight Butterfly?

: We've managed to keep it under control, barely.

: It will have a major effect on the immediate surrounding environs, but this has always been a no-man's land...

: ......I see. Please tell everyone that they have done well...

: This means we've managed to prevent a second coming of the Black History, hm...

: No, that still remains to be seen. Ahead of here lies X-Point, where Kashim King, who usurped power among the Innocent, resides... And the underground forces and Ancestors still remain.

: ...Yes, ma'am.


: Why...!?

: Usso......

: A-at least... I at least wanted to bring her back to our own time...

: (.........)

: (.........)

: (.........)

: People being used... with no regard for their own will, just being used as tools of war...

: (.........)

: And then dying... How long must that keep going on?

: It'll keep happening forever, I'm sure... That's why we have to put a stop to it with our own hands...!

: (.........)

: ...Yeah.

: In that case... You have to make sure to save her...

: Yeah, I know...

: (Kamille......)

Bonus Content

This stage has an enormous amount of extra dialog I couldn't show off. Let's start off with good ol' Gwen.


: Couldn't you join hands with Lady Diana once more!?

: Laura, why won't you join me at my side!? I'm... I'm...!


: Gwen Rhineford! You had better be ready to face what you have coming!

: How enviable of Lady Diana to have such fine subordinates. If only Laura...


: Your Majesty... There is no further need for you to create a new age... Since you can't understand that, I'll get rid of you here.

: Sir Gwen... Our road and your road have parted ways... But I will try to lead the Earth and moon to the future, with everyone!


: Gwen Rhineford... Such a shame, it seems you've lost your way.

: Say what you will. The victor writes history... You Irregulars showed me that.


: It's over for this ship! Those who want to disembark, follow me!

: Leaving the ship is not permitted! Retreat and regroup!

: I beg your pardon, but we are no longer under your command, sir.

: You... Were you plotting this!?

: I have neither the brains nor the courage for underhanded plotting!

: Gr... bail out!

And that's all for Gwen. Let's move on to Midgard, who's ship blew up in two hits.


: I... I'm... doing something terrible... I've awoken a machine from the Black History... What am I doing...!?


: Lt. Harry is with... the Royal Guard...!!

: You shall face the judgement of Diana's law!!


: Th-this isn't possible...! If I have to... I'll use that...!

: H-hey! That's...!!

: The GP-02...!!

: Is that the guy who stole it from the Lost Mountain a while back!?

: I-if we are to survive... I have no other choice but to use this...!

: Concentrate fire on the GP-02! Don't let them use the nuclear warhead!!

: I'm not about to let that tragedy happen again!! I'll consign it to the Black History where it can stay forever!!

: Wh-what...!? This man's spirit!!

At least now we know what happens to the GP02 if you fail to stop it.

And now to finish this with Gym Ghingnham. I'll start off with the remaining Loran and Ghingnham conversations.


: You're fighting!

: Only because you're here!

: I'm human. I won't allow myself to stay sealed up forever!

: I won't let you repeat the history of war!


: Didn't you get any pride from protecting Lady Diana with your strength!?

: She stole away that same pride when she left without any gratitude! I won't be beaten by any fool stupid enough to fight for Diana's sake!

: I will defeat you!

Corin Nander has his own scene if you manage to unlock him.


: Sgt. Corin!

: What are you trying to do!?

: Tell others in the future how a real soldier lives, girls!!

: What can you do in that Ball!?

: If we don't make it through this, another Black History will come!!


: I can't let myself look bad when fighting in front of Lady Diana!

: Another dog of Diana's!? You commoners should've stayed on the moon!


: That's the way, Irregular brat! Give me more to enjoy!

: I'll get rid of you so that you don't start more wars for personal enjoyment!


: Cross swords with me as a soldier! Realize how powerless you are!

: If all you fight for is battle itself, you can't call yourself a soldier!!


: Your fight won't create a future... History will just repeat itself!

: That's the idea! Man will repeat the dance of war until the end of time!!

And that's all there is to show!