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Part 232: Mission part 2/Post-Intermission

: We're not about to let you reptilians remodel the Earth without a fight!!

: Hahaha... Even now, you fail to realize who this land's true ruler is.

: Say what!?

: We ruled with a great civilization, millions of years before humans lived. But we were forced to flee underneath the magma once Getter rays came from space. Then you humans took control of the Earth. But in the end, humans did nothing but usurp our claim to the surface!

: Whatever, we're not about to lie down and die because of that!

: Understandable. After all, this is a fight to decide the fate of both our races. All the more reason to crush you all and reclaim rulership of the Earth!

: As long as we're around, we'll never hand the Earth over to you! Today, we settle this, King Gore!!

There's nothing much to say about this mission at this point.

These guys are just as much of a pain in the ass to kill as they were earlier, except now there's a ton of them, and my units are slightly exhausted.

Before I forget, the Skill Point for this mission is to kill all enemy units, saving Gore for last

The Magma Cannon is still operational as well.

: Come! I'll cleanse these years of suffering with your blood!!

Ryouma easily dodges the attack.

Meanwhile, Bryger takes a beating.

I'm making sure to keep the Soliel out of most of the enemies range, since I have no doubt that it won't last long under their combined fire.

You know, while this battle has slowed down tremendously becuase of the Guda and Zori's massive amount of HP, at least none of them have HP Regen. Not even Gore's Battleship has it.

Things are going slow, and most of my units are looking a little unhealthy, but I'm still making progress.

I must say, Gore has a pretty bitchin' ride.

Oh dear, this isn't good. most of my heavy-hitters are living on just a shred of health.

A little bit of lovin' from Tifa soon fixes that, and everyone is back on top form. Well, as far as health is concerned.

I have to ask, why is the Dinosuar Empire attacking the Irregulars now?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Gore's plan involve him waiting for the Irregulars and the Ancesters to duke it out, and then pop up and steamroll them once they were weakened?

I mean, he does sort of do this on the Normal Route, where he shows up and attacks you after you fight a bunch of Ancestor mechs. At what point did he become impatient and just decide to attack us early?

Maybe I'm just looking too much into this, but it feels like this mission is here just to get the Dinosaur Empire out of the way. Not that I'm complaining, mind, since the upcoming fights are brutal enough as it is without having to worry about Gore showing up near the end of a fight.

my HP...

Normally, I would have waited to use the ICBM, but Jiron was running low on ammo for his other weapons so I used it before I had him board the Soliel for an ammo refill.

Diana finishes off a Guda with Gain for a nice amount of Experience, helping her and Milan gain 9 levels.

I've more or less already won the battle at this point.

Shin Getter takes a large amount of the damage during this turn, but nothing the White Ark couldn't fix.

Jiron hops aboard the Soliel, as does Ryusei, who had run out of EN by this point.

Now, this Zori is taking up a spot I'll want in the near future.

He didn't really have much say in the matter. my turn ends soon after.

Now, I don't want to kill that Zori just yet. so while I whittle down the other enemy units, I'm forced to make him use up his Support skill by having Usso use a vulcan attack on Gallery.

I'll not bore you with the details, and skip a few turns ahead.

Now that I've more or less weakened them as much as I safely can...

Money, money, money.

Poor Gore. Once that Zori dies, He'll be the last of his kind.

I like to imagine that he's still shooting out these Magma Cannon shots purely out of spite.

And then there was one.

Now, like most of the bosses we've faced recently, Gore will heal and give himself a bunch of Spirits once his HP reaches a certain point. Want to know how many times he does this?

Four times. He starts by casting Guts/Alert/Strike/Valor/Guard, and eventually ends with Guts/Alert/Strike/Soul/Guard/Spirit/Snipe.

Did I also mention that he has 63,000 HP? Because he does. I won't bother showing you 30 images of me curbstomping him, but I think you get the idea of how much of a slog it was. At some point after the third casting, I hit him with Daunt four times, so that helped speed things up a bit.

Here's how he looked near the end.

Click here to see the Death fo Emperor Gore (Also Shin Shine Spark)

: Nrgh...! I won't accept it, I won't!! How could I, King Gore, be defeated...!? How could the Dinosaur Empire... How could reptilians be destroyed!?

Farewell, Emperor Gore.

Fuck yeah.

Suddenly, the Earth begins to quake!

: Wh-what the!?

: A-an earthquake!?

: !! Don't tell me it's going to self-destruct!?

: Not good! Everyone, scatter and get the hell away from this place!!

And everything goes white...


: What about the atmosphere?

: From the sample I took and studied, the poisonous component to it should be neutralized approximately forty hours after dissemination. The amount the got emitted was small... So with a little time, it shouldn't be any major problem.

: I see...

: That just leaves the Ancestors for us to face, hm.

: Yeah. Let's hurry and head for Gallia...