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by Tobias Grant

Part 37: post-intermission

The first two parts of the Intermission at the end of the Real route is the same as the end of the Super route. The only thing different is the last segment, but it garners us no new information. I'm only posting it for completions sake.


: What... You didn't know?

: I was at the Tesla labs... I only joined up with the South Atalia guys and Masaki after that.

: Oh, no wonder, you weren't even in Japan.

: But, Kouji... Wasn't the South Atalia DC branch destroyed, too?

: Yeah. It was Shuu's henchwoman, Saphine.

: The SRX team stayed behind there to follow up on it, but rebuilding's probably impossible.

: The SRX Project machines also all either went missing or got taken by the Titans, I heard.

: In the end, the DC and SRX Project breaking up might have been for the best...

: Hmph... And as always, it goes just the way Shuu expects.

: (.........) He's got no further use for the DC, so he's obviously abandoned them.

: So, what exactly is he after?

: Who're you?

: I'm Hwang Yang Long, an Elemental Lord operator just like Masaki over there.

: An Elemental Lord pilot... Does that mean you're from that La Gias place?

: But, Yang Long... Isn't that a Chinese name?

: Yes, I was summoned to La Gias from the surface.

: (.........)

: Come to mention it, Masaki... What happened to Cybuster? It looked like you were using a different machine...

: Cybuster's getting an overhaul after taking a lot of damage fighting in La Gias. (Oh yeah, and Cenia said she'd deliver Cybuster to wherever I was, but... How does she plan on doing that?)

: In any case, Shuu's been doing a lot of meddling around lately, and I don't like the fact that he's not showing up in person one bit.

: Come to think of it, Shuu could've just been using us back in the Balmar War to get rid of the Aerogators.

: And that's why he lent us his strength?

: That's probably it. But, what I don't get is, why didn't he just bring the Granzon out to start with?

: Probably to avoid tipping too much of his hand to Euzeth Gozzo. Like how we kept Great a secret until the Mycenae Empire began its invasion.

: (......... What's that supposed to mean, Tetsuya...? You make it sound almost like my Mazinger Z is...)

: Or maybe to preserve the Granzon for future plans...

: So, now that all of the doctor's enemies are gone...

: Yeah, there's no doubt he'll reveal himself before too much longer.