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by Tobias Grant

Part 47: Post-Intermission

: Good work. Dr. Anzai, have you figured anything out about that underground facility?

: No, sir... We've gotten no readings underground in this area...

: Before, when we did a survey of this area from an artificial satellite there were slight readings then, but...

: But since the DC has no data on the Earth Cradle's construction...

: (.........)

: Couldn't it be something else?

: Yeah! Like a base for the Mycenae that just now showed up.

: But it looked like Duke Gorgon was also trying to investigate this area...

: It could be a Nubian structure.

: I see, there is that line of thinking.

: No... We can't drop the possibility that it's the Earth Cradle.

: Why do you say that?

: (.........) To be honest... My best friend participated in Project Ark.

: Eh? Is that true, Doctor!?

: Yes... But recently, she's gone missing... I thought that maybe she might be in this vicinity...

: I see, so that's why you went to all the trouble of coming to the Argama in person.

: (.........)

: Still, I doubt that that alone could be used as proof of the Earth Cradle's existence...

: Sophia...? That's the name of your best friend?

: Yes, sir. Sophia Nate... She's a key participant in Project Ark.

:: She also assisted Dr. Bian in EOT research with the DC, if I recall correctly... However, I'd heard that she had resigned from the DC after Project Ark got suspended...

: Yes. She and the other retired Project Ark staff went missing after that...

: (.........)

: But a tiny group of people couldn't build a whole artificial hibernation facility underground.

: It would be another story if Nubia lent them a hand, as they did with Dekim...

: For exactly what purpose?

: Maybe it's connected to the Great Atum Project that Khamen guy was talking about...?

: We can't confirm it, but there are rumors that Khamen was in contact with the DC...

: Who on Earth is that man...?

:: He is quite an enigma. Even my intelligence network has yet to get a solid profile on him. We have fresh information claiming that he had a secret meeting with Mr. Josesilva Valencia of the Federation Government Space Development Bureau.

: (.........)

: A secret meeting... What for?

:: Our information does not go quite that in-depth, I am afraid... Mr. Josesilva has been charged with the post-war redevelopment of the inner planets of the solar system.

: Underground, and planets in the solar system...? I must be missing something here.

: They must have some sort of connection to the Great Atum Project.

:: Is there some relation you might have?

: (.........)

: At any rate, we'll head for Dakar. Dr. Anzai, would you mind saving investigation of the underground facility until after that?

: Of course...


: Hm? Is that Masaki over there? And that girl with him, isn't that...?

: ...Don't tell me this is the reason you came all the way to the surface?

: There's no need to take that tone. Unmanned Elemental Lords have all sorts of problems, so I brought it up here myself...

: And isn't it convenient that it was the perfect chance to test out the upgraded Nors?

: Well, sure, but... I came to the surface for a perfectly valid reason.

: A perfectly valid reason...?

: Still, this hangar is really something else!

: Oh, for...

: Hey, that one kinda resembles an Elemental! And, oh...

: No kidding. She reminds me of someone.

: She's apparently the princess of a kingdom called Lan Gran, in La Gias.

: Lan Gran...? Oh, the subterranean kingdom Masaki was at.

: Huh... Boy, do we ever get a lot of those types.

: Princess or not, since I'm not in line for the throne, feel free to just call me Cenia. Wow, surface machines have such well-made transformation and combination mechanisms!

: It's still in humanoid form... You can tell that just by looking?

: Of course, mostly going by the way the thrusters and stabilizers are positioned. Like, see that machine with Z written on its forehead? That's a transformer, isn't it

: It's the Z Gundam. I did the basic design work for it.

: Really? Hey, if it's alright, would you mind showing me the blueprints?

: Er... Yeah, sure.

: Oh, thank you!! (Hehehe, maybe I could use it for reference with Duraxyll...)

: ...Boy, if Ryusei's a fan, then she's a fanatic, huh.

: Well, Cenia is the chief inspection officer of the intelligence bureau and she does Elemental designs and computer designs herself, you know.

: Oh, come on, Kamille... What's with you, getting all red like that!

: Wh-what?

After that, something rather strange happened.

: !?

: I knew it, it is you, Brother!

: Eh? What!?

: Kamille's little sister?

: Brother, I've missed you so...!

: Uh, I've got no idea who you are...

: Oh, Brother, you never change. You always pick on me like that!

: Who are you?

: I'm Rosamy. Are you my brother's girlfriend?

: (.........)

: Yes... I always thought someone like you would suit him best...

: E-er, is that so... Um, thank you. ...Wait, no! This person is Kamille! He's not your brother!

: What do you mean? He is my brother!

: (.........)

: Is it true, Kamille?

: Er, no, well...

: What are you saying? I've been friends with you since childhood!

: I'm not lying! See? Here's a picture of us from when I was younger.

: Let's see here...

: Wow, this really is Kamille, isn't it...?

: (.........)

: (...It's well-made, but this is definitely CG.)

: Wow, it really does look like him. But, this is...

: (.........)

: (Don't you think this is strange?)

: (I know, so I'm trying to observe her and see how she acts!)

: Ooh! That's my brother's Z Gundam, isn't it?

: Ah, wait up!

They both go running off

: (......... She doesn't feel like an enemy... And, I'm getting the same vibe here that I got when I first met Four...)

: Oh yes, Masaki... I'd like to take a look at Cybuster's feedback circuit.

: (.........)

: What's wrong?

: ...Did Wendy come here too?

: Yes. She said she'd do Cybuster's tuneups up until the last possible second... Didn't you hear?

: ...No.

: Ah, that's right. Wendy was hospitalized when you gave Cybuster to us, that's why.

: Is Wendy better now?

: Not completely, but...

: (.........)

: Well, let's head over to Cybuster. Wendy's waiting, too.


: See for yourself.

: You're bringing that up again?

: Um, yeah...

: Pleased to meet you. I'm Tyutti Norback.

: Yeah, I heard about you from Yang Long. You pilot the Elemental Lord Goddess, right?

: Yes, that's right.

: Really!? Please, let me get a picture with it...!

: He's at it again, I see...

: Hehe... Might you be Ryusei?

: Eh...? You know who I am?

: I heard stories from Masaki about a diehard super robot nut...

: A-aw, shucks, thanks...

: You're not being complimented there.

: You all have taken a great deal of care of Masaki... Allow me to give you my thanks.

: Well, y'know... He's helped us out a lot, too...

: I've got no idea what they're talkin' about.

: (He melts in front of pretty girls, just like Kouji.)

: Sayaka, why are you giving me that dark look

Mio runs up to this group

: Uh, what...?

: You're awful! You tossed me aside! Where did you go!?

: Gah! You're...!!

: Ryusei, what does she mean, you tossed her aside...?

: H-hey! I'm innocent here! You've got the wrong guy, I've got nothin' to do with this!

: Oh? You two have met?

: Yup. I had a lovers' spat with this guy when I was on the surface.

: I knew it...!

: F-for cripe's sake! She's just...

: Eheheh... I was just kidding. He saved me when mechabeasts attacked Shinjuku.

: Oohh, I see.

: So I wanted to offer my gratitude. Seriously, thanks.

: Uh, sure thing...

: Hm? What's up?

: Oh yeah! I totally forgot, sorry.

: Wh-what are you guys...?

: Jun!

: Chosaku!

: !! HEY! Ya stole my opening!

: Wow, that timing... I barely left any room for witty retorts.

: You're no amateur, are you?

: Heh... Never underestimate someone born and raised in Kansai.

: And I thought we'd get to deliver the whole act this time...

: What are they talking about, exactly...?

: Are those guys your familiars...?

: Yup! We're all pleased to meet you!

: We were really supposed to come out later on, but...

: (......... What kind of familiars are they? Penguins, maybe?)

: Oh, just so you know, they're platypi.

: W-well, uh, I'll keep that in mind...

: (.........) Say, Tyutti. Is someone named Wendy here?

: You know of her?

: Yeah... I heard about her from Kuro and Shiro.

: Are you concerned?

: Well, I'd kinda like to see my rival in love, y'know... Say, how old is she? Is it true that she's really good-looking?

: As far as age goes hers is 27, if I recall correctly. As for whether or not she looks good... Well, if she didn't count as good-looking, Around 80% of the Earth's good-looking women would no longer count as such, either.

: ...So, basically, she's ultra-gorgeous? But, that age... Okay, I'll compete with my youth!

: Who's this Wendy person?

: She's the alchemist that designed Cybuster and the Galguard. Oh, and she's totally got a crush on Masaki.

: Wow, and I thought he couldn't deal with women.

: Hold on, there! What do you mean by that!?

: What kind of person would have a crush on Masaki, I wonder...

: I was just gonna head over to Cybuster, so wanna come and see for yourself?


: It's got a better feel than it had before. You're great, Wendy, thanks!

: I helped out with the tuning up too, you know...

: Sure, you've got my gratitude, too.

: What do you mean, 'too'?

: N-no way, it's got nothin' to do with that.

: Yes, I only brought Cybuster here as part of my job, Precia...

: (Aww, they're making embarassed excuses...)

: And I heard you came here in Diablo, too...

: Ah, Mio and the others are here!

: Yoo-hoo! How's Cybuster, Masaki?

: What's with all you guys, coming over here together?

: I wanted to meet the person with a crush on Masaki.

: The person with a crush...? Oh, my.

: (...Sh-she's...)

uh... That's not Ryusei, game.

: Oh, and who might you be?

: I'm Ryune Zoldark! Masaki's girlfriend!

: Or so you'd like to think, right?

: Oh, be quiet!

: My, Masaki, what a wonderful girlfriend you have. Such a cute lady!

: Eh? Cute? Really?

: W-we're not like that, okay?

: Wh-what do YOU call what we are, then!?

: *giggle* You get along so well. I'm jealous.

: By the way, Wendy... How's your health? Are you all better now?

: I'm still on a medical prescription, but... Don't worry, I'll stay with you until Cybuster's testing is all done.

: Eh!? B-but... Are you sure about that?

: Yes. If I can be of any assistance, it would be my pleasure.

: W-well, gee, thanks...

: (I'd better watch out, huh...)

: (.........)

: What's with that expression, Kouji?

: How come?

: Being surrounded by so many beautiful women... I really envy you, I swear.

: Er... is that right?

: Hold on! Kouji, what do you mean by that!? I'm not enough for you!?

: N-nobody said that!

: *giggle*

: What is it, Wendy?

: I envy you as well, being blessed with so many friends, even on the surface.

: ...Well, y'know...

: And I've seen a side of you I haven't seen before. It makes me a bit jealous.

: (.........)

: ...Er, I'm sorry. What am I saying...?

: (I've really gotta keep my guard up...)