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by Tobias Grant

Part 61: Post-Intermission

: Even if it is to avenge your parents...!

: Hold on a sec. Jiron, you've been with us for the past 3 days, right?

: ...Yeah.

: How many days ago did that Timp guy kill your parents?

: They were killed... a week ago!

: A WEEK!?

: !

Wow, you guys are assholes.

: What? What's so funny?

: Well, I mean... Someone looking for their parents' killer even after a whole week...!

: Y-you're a hell of a guy, aren't ya...

: What is that supposed to mean, exactly?

: B-beats me...

: Yeesh... So we've been helping someone avenge a week-old crime?

: (.........)

: You're the one in the wrong for not settling the matter in 3 days. Timp's the one in the right! He cut and run!

: You're the badguy here, for chasing him down.

: Why is that wrong!? My Pa and Ma were killed!!

: Oh, come on. Running for 3 days, trying to take Xabungle for yourself... And you're even seeking revenge for something that happened over a week ago! That's strange, no matter how you look at it, right?

: Yeah, you've got no room to complain, even if you get shot from behind.

: In this world, all grievances must be addressed within 3 days. If we didn't have that law, we couldn't survive.

: That's a load of bunk! It doesn't even make sense! If Timp wasn't the kind of guy he was, the Iron Gear would've never ended up like this either!

: ...Izzat so? You sure it's not 'cause you're dragging us into your affairs?

: (.........)

: You're a scary one... You get others all tangled up in whatever you're doing.

: I just... I just want to do what I want!

: The only people on Earth who can do that are the Innocent.

: I hear people who disregard the law get singled out by the Innocent for punishment. They've got their eye on you.

: (.........)

: This 3 day law is something the Innocent established?

: Yes, that's right. Don't tell me you guys didn't know that, either?

: Getting off scot free after 3 days, no matter what crime you commit...? You don't consider that strange?

: My world has plenty of guys who'd avenge their parents regardless of how long it took.

: !

: Of course, that's assuming they even had parents to start with.

: Y-you...

: You're nuts! You'll be in big trouble if you keep that up and draw the Innocent's attention!

: (...So they really are afraid of the Innocent......)

: Well, whatever the case... The fact of the matter remains, we're being targeted by Breakers. We'd better sleep with one eye open until we reach P-Point.

: P-Point?

: The Innocent's payment point. It's the only place where we can meet with them... We can trade in these blue stones there to get all sorts of stuff.

: (A meeting with the Innocent, huh? Maybe that'll give us more insight into this world.)

: But, y'know... That Timp guy could come and attack us like last time.

: ...We'll worry about that if it comes up. But Jiron, no more going off and acting on your own, okay? Captain's orders!

: I won't give up until I avenge my Ma and Pa!

: Getting so bent out of shape over something that happened over a week ago... That's just plain weird!

: I'm being honest!

: If you let it bother you that much, you'll get all dried up and wrinkly!

: (.........) Why is it wrong to let it bother me...?

: (.........)


: Hmm. The Iron Gear, Jiron Amos, and some Irregulars... They could become more dangerous than expected.

: I'm crossin' pretty dangerous fords here too, y'know. I think it's about time I started gettin' a little better treatment 'round these parts.

: Watch what you say, Timp. Don't forget that you're being employed by the Innocent.

: I'm not sayin' that to you, Mister. I'm sayin' that to yer own boss's head honcho.

: (.........)

: With these crummy Breakers I've been stuck with lately... It's too dangerous to go up against them.

: In that case, I've already got a plan laid out.

: Oh...?

: The Iron Gear's headed to P-Point to make a blue stone payment... They'll be punished there for disturbing the Innocent's order.

: That's strange. I thought Commander Biel ordered them to be put on probation...

: (.........) We've given you a mission to ensure that the civilians keep fighting in this land of Zora.

: (.........)

: But those youngsters in the Iron Gear and Xabungle could destroy our whole system. We favor the strong, but they seem to be of an entirely different breed.

: (.........)

: It's still too early for their breed to flourish... They need punishment, not probations.

: So who's gonna deliver it?

: Vickman, although he was originally called here as a countermeasure to deal with the people coming from the moon.

: (Vickman, huh. Just like I figured...)

: I'll leave negotiations with him up to you. Be sure to get them good and riled up.

: So how about giving me some info on these people coming from the moon? All the Breakers you're gathering through me are gonna have a blast with 'em, aren't they?

: (.........)

: Without info on the enemy, it's hard for those guys to fight, y'know.

: (.........)

: And that's to say nothin' of the fact that I don't even believe people live on the moon...

: There's no need to answer that. Proceed as planned.

: (.........)

: And in particular, gather as much info on the Irregulars as you can... I want you to report every last little detail.