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by Tobias Grant

Part 63: Mission part 1

: Miss, that X-type hull! That's the Delavasgalen!

: Which means... That's Vickman!?

: Who's Vickman?

: You don't know!? He's the escort for major VIPs!

: Why would someone like that want to open fire on us?

: You've got a point... And he's doing it so close to an Innocent dome...

: We can't risk an attack hitting the dome they're coming from!

: Okay, send out the Walker Machines!

: We can't do anything big near a dome, and they can't attack us either. Still... The Innocent do allow fighting in the vicinity of domes.

: There's a fool on the Iron Gear who ignores the three-day law. That's dangerous.

: I see, this will look good on my report.

: Hold on, guys! What the heck are you doing!?

: Who cares who we're up against, I'm not about to go down without a fight!

: I don't much feel like dyin' out here in the boonies either!

: Quit fooling around! Do you realize what kind of punishment you could get!?

: Sorry, but that doesn't make any difference to me.

: Wh-What did you say!?

: They're right. Miss. We can't let ourselves get taken down here!

: Yeah, just think of an excuse later. They're civilized, ain't they?

: ...)-okay, But in return, don't lay so much as a finger on the domes! Those are Captains orders, you hear me!?

: I'll do what I can, Captain Elche!

: (No way I'm gonna die before beating Timp and avenging my folks!!)

A turn of movement later.

And it's combat time.

Jun nabs an Item box.

And tetsuya burns his opponent alive.

The enemy begins their attack, but they take more than they could give.

On my next turn, something amazing happens. Boss managed to kill someone!

After Jiron takes down another enemy...

The Voltes team makes an appearance, but where are there only three?

: This is our chance to escape! We've got to find a way to rescue Megumi...

: Wh-what'd you say!?

: Tch, he always steals the spotlight... Fine, I guess it's up to him now.

: They even sent out flying machines! The Innocent must be really mad at us!!

: Too late for that now!

: Tetsuya, those are...!!

: Yeah, Volt Machines. But why only three?

: You guys know about those flying contraptions!?

: They're friends of ours. Stay back and let me ask them what's going on.

: This should put an end to those lawbreakers.

: (But you'll just end up being a pawn of the Innocent either way.)

: Whoa there, Missy, your speed ain't no match for my sharpshootin'. You pull anything funny, I'll shoot ya just like that.

: (Kenichi...!)

: Come in, Voltes team!

: Tetsuya!? They've got Megumi held hostage! Kenichi's gone to rescue her, but... We need more time.

: Got it. Guys, the Voltes Team is on our side. Don't fire at them.

: But they're still gonna shoot at us, aren't they!?

: Then you can just avoid it and pretend to put up a fight, right?

: That's the idea. Don't shoot down the Voltes Team or the enemy flagship down!

Now before we get into the fight, I want to draw your attention to something.

Meet the luckiest grunt I've ever encountered. seriously, I've seen many people survive with double digits, but never have I seen someone still live with single digit health.

Sure, he didn't last much longer, but still, he was pretty lucky.

Hey there, random Japanese letter!

Now I'm in range of the Dela's cannons, and boy does Vickman make use of them.

Did you notice how Fatman was in the red a few screenshots back? He has Guts, so now He's dodging and weaving all over the place, and dealing tons of damage with counter attacks.

The Voltes team also start attacking me.

On the next turn, I had Boss replenish Fatman since he was out of ammo.

The others clear out the remaining nearby enemies.

Unfortunately, Fatman's luck runs out, and he gets blasted by the Delavasgalen.

: What's the matter, Kenichi...!?

: Heheh... Looks like they don't want to touch this ship.

: (If I could just somehow get free...!)

: .........! What's wrong, Pardner? C'mon out and show your face.

: Kenichi!

: I figured that out when ya didn't show up. You aimin' for a shootout with me?

: Bring it on!

: heheh... Fine, Pardner, you brought this on your own fool self. Poor guy, you ain't heard of how fast a quick drawer I am. But I ain't about to let you back down now, Pardner. When a man gets serious, there ain't now turnin' back. You show me your back, Pardner, and I'll shoot... Draw!

: You're on!!


: Kenichi!!

: ...Not bad, Pardner. You gave me a flesh wound. But now, end of the line.

: ! That's... Timp!!

: !?

: You're that melonheaded punk!? You don't know when to give it a rest, do you!

: Kenichi, now!!

: Right!

: That's the Volt cruiser and the Volt Lander!

: Megumi got out safely!

: You okay, Kenichi!?

: Yeah... Somehow.

A few enemy reinforcements show up, but except for Timp, nothing worth worrying about

: Tch... Just my luck that melonhead had to go and pick a fight with me.

: So that's the lawbreaking young'un Timp tole me about... Don't he and those Irregulars get it, that We're the ones in the right?
For some reason, this sounds familiar...

: I'm not sure whether you're right or not...

: Whatever gret cause you hostage-takers have, it sure as heck ain't justice!

: I beg your pardon...!?

: C'mon, guys!

: Right!


: The heck? What're those irregulars tryin' to pull!?