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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 65: Post-Intermission

: But against Irregulars, our hands are tied...

Someone new enters the room.

: ! D-Director Biel...

: Y-yes, sir... Elche Cargo's Iron Gear is outside the dome.

: And Jiron Amos and the Sandrats are with it?

: Yes, sir... And Irregulars, on top of that...

: (.........) ...Jiron Amos... An already full-fledged Civilian... Arthur Rank has waited a long time for one. Well, then... Does he have the courage to enter this dome, I wonder?

: They know that Timp is here...

: You and Timp were careless. If you fight so close to our dome... The Civilians will figure out the connection between you both.

: I'm terribly sorry, sir... I wasn't expecting Timp and Vickman to be that frail...

: Don't hinder the Iron Gear's actions. Let them do what they want, and continue to observe them.

: B-but if we do that, they'll make it into this dome!

: It doesn't matter. They're bringing blue stones, aren't they?

: Y-yes, sir...

: Besides... It's drawing near time for the Moon Race's descent. If possible, I'd like to make the Irregulars part of our forces.

: U-understood.

Dowas leaves the room

: Jiron Amos... The Human Race Restoration Program has at long last reached its final stage.