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by Tobias Grant

Part 79: Mission

: If this keeps up, the donkey bread will all be ruined...!

: They're pushing this WaDom pretty hard... And they outnumber us...!

: It's...!

: The Diana Counter's flagship, the Soliel. And that's... The White Doll that came out of the mountain in Vicinity...!

: Isn't Lady Diana going to fall back to the rear lines!?

: Lt. Harry... The royal guard should be...!

The WaDom's fall back.

: Would ya look at that... Those're Neo Zeon Mobile Suits.

: Y-you're right...!

: Were they dug up around here like the Kapools...?

: that'd mean... Those are from the Militia!?

: Get her! Without Diana around, there won't be any war!

: So the enemy is the Militia!

: Gwen Sard...! He must have been planning this from the start...!

: Just when negotiations were going well...! How could they ruin that... I won't let them get away with starting a battle in Knox for that...!

: Gwen... Did you arrange for this?

: I've heard no reports of mechanical dolls like those being unearthed... And I would never order an attack on Knoc or Bostonia, would I?

: Er, I suppose not...

: I'm not THAT kind of strategist... (But this makes continued negotiations with the Diana Counter difficult...)

: Laura, if you would? Defend the Soliel and keep them from entering Knox.

: Er, alright. Kou, Monsha, Akira... Would you mind lending us a hand?

: H-how does that hot chick know our names!?

: (I knew it... That kid must be Loran.)

the stats of Harry and the SUMO

The Skill point for this mission is the same as the last one, destroy all enemies within 5 turns. It's a little easier to get than the last mission, though.

Harry starts us off, and dodges the counter fire.

The others get to work as well.

Akira grabs a container while the others finish up my turn.

The groups out in the ocean will slowly move towards the group, so there's no real rush to go out and get them.

Other than Monsha taking a bit of a beating and Harry being awesome, nothing much happened during the enemies turn.

: (The attackers' formation is very tight for the Militia. These are people who have had training. And those MS I haven't seen before... Perhaps the Innocent? Or, I hate to consider it but, the Moon Race...?)

A quick trust from Diana and Monsha's back in the game.

Kou and Monsha bring another one down.

Harry grabs some cash after attacking a Jenice.

On the third turn, reinforcements arrive.

: That's... Miss!?

: Loran! Why would you go out of your way to guard a ship with Diana aboard!? If it's the Militia attacking, this is our big chance to run her off!

: ............

: Why don't you respond? You're in the White Doll, aren't you?

: Sochie, the city is under attack. If this keeps up, people could die! Plus, Gwen is still nearby!

: (Oh yeah... Sis is with Gwen too...) Alright... If it's to protect Knox...

: Keith! These girls are still in their diapers! Look after them!

: R-roger!

: And see to it that they don't have to look after YOU instead!

: Sir!

Now about that guy that tried to sneak behind me...

Let that be a lesson to you.

Time to move out into the sea.

The enemies third turn comes and goes with little more fanfare than the destruction of their own suits.

Harry continues to clean up what manages to pass through my lines.

And Miashei scores her first kill!

Monsha grabs the last container.

Akira closes in on the last group.

A quick turn later and it's down to the Zaku III.

Which Akira quickly destroys.

Fuck yeah.

: You Majesty, the enemy has completely withdrawn.

: ...And the damage to Knox?

: Things ended with minimal damage to the city.

: ...Then, I hereby prohibit the Diana Counter from engaging in combat.

: !? But, your Majesty... The ones who attacked the Soliel were the Militia! If we let them get by with using peace negotiations as cover for assassination...!

: Milan, did you hear me? I issued an order in the name of Diana Sorrel.

: ...Yes, your Majesty. Then I shall have the Soliel return to the garrison.

And the Soliel leaves.

: The Soleil left...

: If I can get shots of this now, it'll be all over tomorrow's morning news...

: (Lady Diana... Please understand... Not everyone who lives on the Earth desires war... ...We mustn't start a war on the Earth...)

: !? Why, that's... Loran...?

: Loran!?

: Y-yes... He looks like a girl, but the one riding the White Doll is Loran.

: What's Loran doing piloting a Mobile Suit in a dress...?

Looks like Poe's back.

: Lt. Poe's returned?

: All units! Commence attack on the remaining Militia squad members!!

: Wait, Lt. Poe! All fighting is prohibited!

: !? They tried to kill Lady Diana! You're saying we should let them go!?

: Lady Diana said no combat is allowed! That trumps all other orders!

: B-but, Sir...!

: If you're spoilin' for a fight, we'll give ya one!
Now is not the time to antagonize the enemy, Monsha!

: yeah! The Moon Race should go back to where they came from!

: Barbarians...! You used negotiations as a pretext to go after Diana...!

: You guys attacked us first! You've got no right to say that!!

: Those guys back there were really with the Moon Race, weren't they!?

: Wh-what did you say...!? If we seriously attacked you, you pissants would be...!

: ...............

Loran is starting to lose it...

: (Loran, what's the matter...?

: (...I... I can't...)

: ...Loran's acting kind of odd...

: H-he's...No! Loran... Don't!

: I... I can't... I can't take this anymore...

: (Loran... Oh, hell...!)

: !!

: Th-that's...

: Loran's... with the Moon Race!?

: (You're too up-front, Loran...)